Top 15 Best Corporate Movies

Corporate life is one of the most amazing lives you can ever have. Making billions, attending meetings, living a unique life. I mean there would be no one who doesn’t want this. And who doesn’t like a million dollars in their pockets? Our movie industry has made so many amazing movies describing corporate life in a fascinating way. Some of these movies were based on true stories, some were just fantasies and some of them were inspirational. But the life in those movies was spectacular. So in this article, I’ll be making a list of Top 15 Best Corporate movies that were not only great hits but also were an inspiration to go into the corporate world.

Top 15 Best Corporate Movies That You Shouldn’t Miss It

15) The Corporation (2003)

best corporate movies

Well, particularly not a movie, The Corporation was more of a documentary with a rating of 8.2 on IMDB. This is one of the best documentaries that you can ever watch if you ever thought of starting your own business. And it is not only about starting a business, the documentary also shows the development of modern-day corporations in its best way. Making strategies, dealing with problems that you will be facing during your business management, the movie has represented everything in a very unique way.

The corporation not only showed the strategies for the business but there are also interviews of corporate critics, CEOs of various companies, and various business gurus. Well, what would be more inspirational than learning business strategies from real-life corporate heroes?  According to me, if you are really planning to start your own business, you should definitely watch this amazing documentary.

14) The Secret of My Success (1987)

best corporate movies

What happens when a recent graduate gets a job in New York and after moving into the big city finds out he has lost his job? Well, in the case of Brantley Foster, he makes millions. From working in the mailroom of a corporation to becoming the owner of the same corporation, Brantley Foster goes through various phases. The Secret of My Success is the story of Brantley Foster who came to New York to achieve something and fulfill his dreams. And with his business techniques, he ends up owning the same corporation he has worked for.

The movie turned out to be a great hit and became the 7th highest-grossing movie in 1987. The movie also got a good critical response. This is one of the movies that you should definitely watch even if you are not really into business because this movie also shows how to achieve something that you always wanted.

13) Forrest Gump (1994)

best corporate movies

Can’t call it a corporate movie, but Forrest Gump is still an inspirational movie. This is the story of an innocent man who ends up getting success in every business he starts. The storyline of Forest Gump can be called the best example of dumb luck. Firstly Forrest Gump earns $25,000 from his ping pong business and then uses that money to buy a shrimp boat. Mr. Gump ends up making millions from his shrimp business “Bubba Gump Shrimp Company”.

Forrest Gump also did an amazing job at Box Office. It remained first on the list of highest-grossing movies for almost a year. Well, Forrest Gump is one of the must-watch movies for everyone. It is one of the best corporate movies of 1994.

12) Other People’s Money (1991)

best corporate movies

As the name says this movie is based on how to make a profit from other people’s money, Larry the liquidator is a stockbroker who only knows how to make a profit from selling other companies. During his broker’s time, he sold many companies but a real challenge came to him when he wanted to sell a cable company owned by Jorgy. Jorgy tries his very best to save the company from Larry and at last, he manages to save his company from being sold.

This movie has two different life stories. One is Larry who has only learned how to make money by selling to other companies. And the other story is about Jorgy who has a small business that he tries to save from being sold. No matter how small or struggling his company was, he didn’t let Larry sell it. This movie is the best example of never giving up.

11) Office Space (1999)

best corporate movies

Are you fed up with your 9 to 5 job? Want to do something you like doing? Well, Office Space is the one movie you should definitely watch. This movie is a story of a bunch of employees of an IT company who realize that their jobs are not what they wanted from life. The movie shows the typical 9-5 work life of every employee in the IT sector and how you can do the things you like.

The trio of Peter Gibbons, Samir Nagheenanajar, and Michael Bolton ends up violating all the rules of the company and after being eliminated from their respective jobs, they start to do the jobs they like. If you are looking forward to quitting your boring job and start doing something you are interested in, you should definitely watch this cult classic movie.

10) The Godfather (1972)

best corporate movies

Ever thought of starting your own business? Well if yes, you cannot miss watching this classic movie. This movie has everything that you need to know about a business. Marketing strategies, increasing your network, and focusing on your competition are the most important parts of a successful business and this movie has shown all these factors in a unique and fascinating way.

The Godfather was a great hit of all time. It received three Academy Awards for that year and grossed a total of $286 million dollars, and became the 25th highest-grossing movie of all time. The Godfather is a must-watch movie for every person in the corporate world. If anything you are definitely going to get amazing tips for your business from this classic movie.

9) (2001) 

best corporate movies

The 2001 documentary is the story of an internet-based company The movie was the best example of getting rich from a dot-com company. Kaleil Isaza Tuzman and Tom Herman, two youngsters, left their jobs to start a dot-com company called Although their company was soon found bankrupt they managed to collect enough money to start other new businesses which ultimately leads them to success. Both of them had various issues during their startup but all they did was stay calm and ultimately succeed in their life. is the best movie you could watch if you ever thought of your own startup. This documentary has a real-life example of two people facing problems during their startups and how they deal with them. And what’s good than real-life inspiring stories.

8) Boiler Room (2000)

best corporate movies

A boiler room is a 2000 drama movie that is based on the story of various brokers being interviewed by the writer and also on the story of famous Wall Street broker Jordan Belfort. Later on, in 2013 The Wolf of Wall Street was also released which was completely based on Jordan’s life.

Moreover, the Boiler room gave many tips that one might need while working in the broker business. This movie literally describes the life of a broker. How to make millions in broker business, how to sell stocks everything was in this movie. So if you are planning to be a stockbroker this movie might give you tiny tips to be successful.

7) Moneyball (2011)

best corporate movies

What would you do if you ever faced a financial problem in your business startup? Well, either you’ll be scared and forget about it or you could make plans on how to face the financial problem. Well in the case of Billy Beane, he decides to stay calm and face the problem. Money ball is the story of Billy Beane, general manager of the Oakland Athletics baseball team, who manages to stand a competitive team even after having a shortage in budget.

With his sophisticated way of approaching players and analyzing them properly at last Beane manages to come up with a really strong baseball team. The inspiring thing about Moneyball is that no matter how many problems you face in your life if you’ll deal with them properly, nothing can stop you.

6) Cocktail (1988)

best corporate movies

If you ever had a small business idea and really wanted to achieve it Cocktail is the one movie that you should definitely watch. Starring Tom Cruise as Bryon Brown, Cocktail is a story about how you have to face things in achieving your dreams. Particularly not a corporate movie but still Cocktail is worth watching.

Bryon Brown, who wants to open his own bar, faces many struggles during his current job as a bartender. The thing that is most inspiring about this movie is how to make your own decisions even after taking advice from various people. Brown managed to open his own bar in the end but during his struggling period, he faced many of the problems that kept him positive were his confidence and hard work.

5) Wall Street (1987)

best corporate movies

Another classic movie based on broker business, Wall Street is a great hit of all time. The movie tells all about Broker Business. It is a story of a young stockbroker Bud Fox and a successful and wealthy stock raider Gordon Gekko. When Fox meets Gordon, he learns a lot from him and ends up making millions in the stockbroker business. In the movie, Gordon has severally mentioned “Greed is Good” and called this a success secret.

The movie was not just a great hit but it also inspired many people to work on Wall Street. Michael Douglas (Gordon) has even mentioned in many interviews that people still approach him and tell him that his character in the movie is the reason why they started working on Wall Street. Well if you haven’t watched this amazing movie you should definitely watch it, it might be your inspiration as well.

4) Pursuit of Happyness (2006)

best corporate movies

Pursuit of Happyness is just not a movie, it is an inspirational real-life story of Chris Gardner who has seen many worst moments in his life. The movie is adapted from the book written by Chris himself. This movie is literally a cinematic version of “Never Giving Up”, no matter what the moment is, no matter how bad it is, just never give up and one day success will be yours.

Personally, Pursuit of Happyness is one of my favorite inspirational movies because the story is so inspiring that it can literally give you goosebumps. The movie was one of the most popular movies ever made. Trust me whether you are an entrepreneur or not, whether you are in business marketing or not you should definitely watch this epic movie.

3) Pirates of Silicon Valley (1999)

best corporate movies

Well don’t go with the name, Pirates of Silicon Valley is a totally different story from its name. It is a story of two great computer companies of all time – Microsoft and Apple. Particularly it is the story of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs who worked together for some time but after some time they got separated. This movie is one of the greatest movies that show how you can bring your product to the market and how you can be successful.

This movie has shown everything about the development of both Apple and Microsoft, how they launched their products, how they entered into the computer world and how they became great rivals. Now the thing that businessmen could learn from this movie is how you can come up with your innovative ideas and how you can launch them into the market and learn it from an example of Microsoft and Apple, well this is the best you can get.

2) The Social Networking (2012)

best corporate movies

Have an innovative idea, want to do your own startup, you should definitely watch The Social Networking. The Social Networking is a biographical movie of Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook. This movie is about the real story behind Facebook was, how Mark came up with the idea, how he invented Facebook, and how he started making billions from Facebook. It is one of my favorite and best corporate movies I have ever seen.

And the way Jesse Adam Eisenberg has did the role of Mark Zuckerberg is the best thing about the movie. This movie is really an inspirational movie for all those people who want to start their own business and make millions from it. All you need is an innovative idea and a dream to achieve something.

1) The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

best corporate movies

Another biographical movie of another successful stockbroker, The Wolf of Wall Street is the story of Jordan Belfort, who was a stockbroker and became a billionaire. Jordan was known as the Wolf of Wall Street, the way he started his own company and made billions from it is totally worth watching. In the movie, Leonardo DiCaprio is playing the role of Jordan, and the way he has done it is really marvelous.

The Wolf of Wall Street is not just a biopic, it is also an inspirational movie for all those who want real success in the broker business. The movie shows various techniques on how to sell stocks to people and how to convince them to buy more stocks and make a profit from them. Even though what Jordan did was illegal, he has inspired many people to go into stock marketing and make money. Well, personally this is my all-time favorite movie.

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