Top 11 Thriller Bollywood Movies 2015 Which You Should Watch

thriller bollywood movies

There are number of  Bollywood movies released every year. Each and every movie has its own different genre including comedy, action, horror, suspense, thriller, romantic, film noir, fantasy, sports, supernatural and soon. It was very hard to pick 11 out of countless movies. After finishing the list, another movie stuck into my mind and I had to insert that movie in the list. So after devoting a lot of time on it, Movienasha compiled a list on “Top 11 thriller Bollywood movies 2015 which you should watch”. The movies which are mentioned below were personally watched by me and all are really good to watch. I hope this will entice you to watch some. Please leave comment or feedback if you think differently and have something in mind which you want me to notice. Your comments or feedback are most welcome!

Best Thriller Bollywood Movies You Shouldn’t Miss It

11. Phantom (2015)

thriller bollywood movies

Phantom is a movie which is full of action and thriller. The plot of the movie was designed on a real life scenario which happened in India years ago and Bollywood is always interested in bringing the dead back to life. Still moving on and not being partial, the movie is playing on the sentiments of one of the darkest incidents in India’s recent history, viewers follow a convoluted plot involving a rogue group of agents from India who hatch a plot to avenge the death of the 166 people that were killed in one of the worst terrorist attacks on its soil.

The screenplay of the film has been written in coordination with author Hussain Zaidi’s book Mumbai Avengers on the aftermath of 26/11 Mumbai attacks. Phantom was banned in Pakistan following petition by Hafiz Saeed. It’s an oversimplified but patriotic thriller movie.

10. Uvaa (2015)

thriller bollywood movies

Uvaa is one of  the best thriller Bollywood movies 2015 which was made under the direction of Jasbir B.Bhati and the music to the film was given by Rashid Khan and it was released in 2015. The movie features 5 actors as school boys who are from one of the U.P.’s ( Uttar Pradesh ) village namigly Sangram Singh as Coach Sangram Singh, Rohan Mehra as Anil Sharma, Mohit Bhagel as Salman Khan, Lavin Gothi as Vikram Tyagi and Bhupender and Meghvrat Singh as Deen Bandhu who are not educated enough but to give them a transformation from an uneducated villager to a sophisticated gentlemen.

Their parents decide to get their admissions done in an english medium school in Faridabad. All 5 of them fall in love with their batchmates starring Poonam Pandey as Puja, Neha Khan as Mala, Vinti Idnani as Nisha, Sheena Bajaj as Rashmi and Yukti Kapoor as Roshni, and their repective teachers as well, not having any particular aim in life to achieve anything and living their lives fearlessly. They only want to enjoy their lives and tease and crack jokes on people around them.

But in the mean while, when their studies are going on, a twist comes into their lives which completely changes their lives forever and their perspective towards their lives and their aims as well. Now is where the climax comes, all these 5 guys they get involved into a rape case and this is where Jimmy Shergil comes on the screen.

Jimmy Shergil plays the character of SP Tejaveer Singh who wishes to give the statement of death or whatsoever the punishment is to that person who indeed is the criminal and they get involved in the rape case of their own college’s principal’s daughter. So whether all of them come out clean or someone of them is the hidden culprit, this is what the movie is all about. I think you must gave one chance to watch this movie. If you like it or not, don’t forget to share your opinions with us.

9. Ranbanka (2015)

thriller bollywood movies

‘Ranbanka’- the word comes from an Indian dictionary, a word from Rajasthani vocabulary, which means ‘a Warrior’. The set was set up in Mathura in North India and the film was starring Manish Paul in lead role as Rahul sharma on screen, Pooja Thakur as his wife known as Priya on screen, Avya Aggarwal as their son known as Ayush on screen, Rudra kaushish as MLA Prakash Singh ( brother of Raghan on screen) and Ravi kishen as the villian known as Raghav on screen.

Rahul is an engineer who is just posted to Mathura. He settles down in the Northern State with his beautiful wife Priya and their son Ayush. On the other hand, Raghav has terrorized the locals of Mathura, and he runs a parallel administration in the city. Now like any other diplomatic Bollywood story, Raghav wants to marry Rahul’s beautiful wife Priya knowing that she is married and having a baby too. He forces Priya to accept his proposal which, when reported to the Police escalates the tension further as the local Police Department is much under Raghav’s influence. However Raghav’s brother, the upright MLA Prakash Singh disapproves his younger brother’s behavior and lifestyle.

Now, the Sharma family tries to leave the city which results to be unsuccessful and in very next stage they are threatened by their child which worsens the situation. Now like any other Bollywood film, the shirt come off and the fight begins and at the end the Sharma’s win and the film end. According to me, Pooja Thakur is fine as mother, Manish Paul as an engineer is okay, however Ravi supports his negative role comfortably but but the story and the cast does not properly fits in. Moving on the main aim of the movie was that when a common man who is triggered can turn into a rebel i.e. do not underestimate the power of a common man.

8. Rahasya (2015)

thriller bollywood movies

Rahasya (English: Mystery) is an Indian murder mystery+thriller movie directed and written by Manish Gupta. The movie was released on 30 January 2015 starring Kay Kay Menon, Ashish Vidyarthi, Tisca Chopra, Mita Vasisht, Nimai Bali, Ashwani Kalsekar and many others. The movie was inspired by the Aarushi murder case, which was met with some criticism by Rajesh and Nupur Talwar. The movie generally received positive reviews.

The film revolves around the story of an 18-year-old girl, Ayesha Mahajan (Sakshi Sem), who is murdered in her own house. Her father Sachin Mahajan (Ashish Vidyarthi) is deemed the prime suspect for the murder. CBI Officer Sunil Paraskar (Kay Kay Menon) picks up the case and soon finds evidence that makes it more difficult to determine who exactly is responsible for Ayesha’s death. At the end, he realizes that Ayesha’s mother (Tisca Chopra) had murdered her, because Ayesha was an illegitimate child of Sachin and the family’s maid (Ashwini Kalsekar).

7. Badlapur (2015)

thriller bollywood movies

‘Badlapur’ is technically sound, ticks all the right boxes in dialogues, screenplay, art design, cinematography and sound design. The editing could have been tightened a wee bit more, and in some parts you do feel things slowing down a little. Anyways moving towards the plot and the story Misha (Yami Gautam, who plays Varun’s wife in the film), and her son get accidentally murdered as two bank robbers try to escape with the loot in their car. One of them is Nawazuddin Siddiqui. While his accomplice escapes with the loot and the murder weapon, Nawaz, who plays Liak in the film, is nabbed by the police and is sentenced to 20 years of imprisonment. He doesn’t admit to his crime, neither does he give out the name of his partner.

Raghu’s (Varun Dhawan) picture-perfect life comes to a bloody halt with these two sudden deaths of his wife and his son. And overnight he transforms from a loving husband and father to a man who’ll take revenge for sure. That is what the title says. He leaves his home in Pune and moves a few hours away, to ‘Badlapur’. Fifteen years go by but time is unable to dilute his thirst for revenge. ‘Badlapur’, which is his home now, becomes a metaphor for his vindictive refuge.

He makes Liak the cheeky, witty, twisted slime ball, whose spirit cannot be beaten, not by the police, not by Raghu, not even by destiny. He’s a killer and a romantic too and he loves his mother and he’s also a loyal friend. Still Ragu after living for 15 years in Badlapur gets to know a loot about it and as film progress we get to see a lot of new faces. Now Raghu gets to know how the accident actually happened and figures out who Liak is and who he was with.

To take revenge, Raghu does spends night with Liak’s and his friend’s wife and kills both of them ( liak’s friend and his wife). After having an intercorse with Liak’s grilfriend as well Raghu moves towards Liak and goes to kill him but this time the as the clock strikes 9, the phase changes and Liak takes the charge of both the murders ( Misha and her son ) and says Raghu that what more difference remains between them if both of them had committed crimes and that too murders. But still Sriram did a fabulous job as compared to his previous releases.

Vinay Pathak, Divya Dutta, Radhika Apte, Huma Qureshi and Kumud Mishra deliver top notch performances in their limited screen time. Radhika stands out especially as the good protective wife and the scenes involving her, Vinay and Varun are some of the best. Vinay is apt for the part as a husband with a past as is Huma who delivers a controlled performance as a call-girl. Kumud Mishra as the pot-bellied police inspector manages to show multiple shades ranging from fury to patience. The director doesn’t linger on any scene or any line more than what is required. It’s amazing how with the least amount of dialogues he manages to give us an insight into each of his characters.It’s as thrilling as it is introspective. There’s no good, bad or ugly. Go figure.

6. Detective Byomkesh Bakshy! (2015)

thriller bollywood movies

Detective Byomkesh Bakshy! is one of the top and best suspense movies in Bollywood directed by Dibakar Banerjee and produced by Aditya Chopra and Banerjee. The movie was released on 3 April 2015 starring Sushant Singh Rajput, Swastika Mukherjee and Anand Tiwari in a lead role. The movie is based on the fictional detective Byomkesh Bakshi created by the Bengali writer. The films like Byomkesh Bakshy deserve a sequel. Such perfect movies aren’t made frequently in this country. Sushant Singh Rajput did his character very well in the movie.

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I watched it yesterday again and shall watch again and again whenever I will get a chance. and, of course, one of the reason is the acting of Neeraj Kabi. This movie is a great mix of noir and detective thriller. The movie is full of suspense and thriller. The movie gained a positive review from the critics as well as from audiences. This mystery is the one even you would want to solve. The dialogue of Dr.Guha ” Bakshy Babu meri Dosti nahi Le sake, toh meri Dushmani kaise loge” is awesomely presented by Neeraj Kabi. Must watch movie for every detective’s movie fans.

5. NH10 (2015)

thriller bollywood movies

‘NH10’, directed by Navdeep Singh, is about a road trip that goes horribly wrong when a young married couple crosses paths with a gang of ruthless killers on the national highway. The married couple is none other than Anushka Sharma and Neil Bhoopalam who is shot dead at the end of the film. It’s a standard genre movie on the surface, and Singh does a good job of creating edge-of-the-seat tension. But he also layers the narrative with rich subtext, delivering so much more than your average thriller. It’s often terrifying on this highway,and proves that one woring turn can cost you even your life, but you’ll be glad you were there for the ride.

On the whole, NH10 is raw and entertaining in its own way. The place of the set was made in running on the National highway 10 and in a village where the one woman show ends the film. What I felt was that the film was all about choosing a right destination for your honeymoon and moreover correct life partner who atleast knows google maps. No doubt, it is meant more for the class audience but since the investment in the film is not big, it would very easily fetch commission. Rest the film was not a great hit but not a flop either.

Part of the story is loosely adapted on 2007 Manoj-Babli honour killing case. The movie is based on the plot of British film Eden Lake. The film and Sharma’s performance received critical acclaim, and the movie emerged as a sleeper hit. Some critics consider it the most violent Hindi-language movie in the 2010s but I don’t totally agreed with the critics. NH10 is a necessary tale of revenge. I think you must gave a chance to this movie. Don’t forget to share your opinion with us. Your comments are always welcome!!

4. Gabbar Is Back (2015)

thriller bollywood movies

Gabbar Is Back is also one of my favorite action and thriller movies directed by Krish and produced by Shabinaa Khan, Viacom 18 Motion Pictures and Sanjay Leela Bhansali. The movie was released on 1 May 2015 starring Akshay Kumar, Shruti Haasan, Suman Talwar, Jaideep Ahlawat, Sunil Grover in a lead role. Actually, the movie is a remake of the Tamil movie Ramanaa (2002) directed by A.R. Murugadoss. The movie was just awesome. The movie has outstanding background music backed with terrific dialogues and equally great dialogue delivery. This time Gabbar will fight for the public excellence. Akshay is rocking now a days. The way he signing the films now is brilliant. Baby and Gabbar is one of my favorite movies of Akshay Kumar.

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If you enjoy films which have the good vs evil story with full on action and ‘Dhamakedaar’ dialogues, this is your film. The movie was very good with a good message, a message that needs to be understood by every person living in India, to treat everyone equally and fairly with no corruption. We live in a world where if it does not hurt us then it’s not our problem even if it is causing a big problem to others. After watching this we surely need a real ‘Gabbar’ to blow some courage in all of us and wipe out corruption from the root. ‘Pachaas Pachaas Kos Dur Jabh Koi Rishwat Leta Hai, Toh Sabh Kehte Hain Mat Le Varna, Gabbar Aa Jaaega.

3. Talvar (2015)

thriller bollywood movies

Talvar (English title: Guilty) is one of the best Bollywood thriller movies directed by Meghna Gulzar and produced by Vineet Jain and Vishal Bhardwaj. The movie was released on 2 October 2015 starring Irrfan Khan, Konkana Sen Sharma, Neeraj Kabi, Sohum Shah in a lead role. The movie is based on the 2008 Noida double murder case. The film has tried to cover all the aspects regarding Aarushi’s murder case. I was very disappointed with the way CBI and the police handled this case. Talvar is a film striving to portray the case not in a black and white manner by clearly demarcating who is in the right and who in the wrong, but trying to present all sides of the case in an unbiased manner.

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However, the film will fail in its endeavor if the public itself decides to take sides before reviewing the film. If we have already firmly made up our minds regarding the culprits and the perpetrators of this case, I see no point in those individuals seeing this film. The prime objective of this motion picture will fall flat on people whose vision is already tainted with their version of black and white. This movie has literally shakened me from inside. I can’t get over its impact. It really hits you deep inside your mind. It compels you to think over the circumstances and re-rationalize your thoughts. “Talvar” in true sense stands for the conflict between justice and prejudice and its deep impact on us and our society. It’s an eye-opening movie and must watch movie.

2. Drishyam (2015)

thriller bollywood movies

Drishyam was an Indian thriller movie directed by Nishikant Kamat and produced by Ajit Andhare, Abhishek Pathak, and Kumar Mangat Pathak. The movie was released on 31 July 2015 starring Ajay Devgan, Tabu, and Shriya Saran in a lead role. The movie is distributed by Viacom 18 Motion Pictures. The movie is the remake of 2013 Malayalam movie Drishyam starring Mohanlal and Meena in the lead role which was directed and written by Jeethu Joseph.

The Malayalam movie Drishyam made a record after finishing 10,000 shows within 26 days. The movie became the highest-grossing film in the history of Malayalam cinema.The movie received a very strong positive response from critics as well as from public with an average score of 8.9 out of 10 by IMDb. There is a lot of expectation from the movie to perform very well at the box office which is going to be released on 31 July 2015. Drishyam is one of my all time favorite thriller Bollywood movies 2015.

The movie features Ajay Devgan as Vijay Salgaonkar, Tabu as IG Meera Deshmukh, Shriya Saran as Nandhani Vijay Salgaonkar, Ishita Dutta as Vijay’s daughter, Rajat Kapoor as Meera’s Husband and Prathamesh Parab. The soundtrack of the movie is composed by Vishal Bhardwaj and lyrics written by Gulzar. It is one of the most awaited or we can say most anticipated movie of 2015 in Bollywood. The movie looks like an interesting plot with lots of drama and suspense. Ajay and Tabu look set to mark with their performance too. This movie always come in the category of Suspense and Thriller movies or we can say suspense+ thriller movies.

1. Baby (2015)

thriller bollywood movies

Baby was directed by Neeraj Pandey and narrated by Danny Denzongpa starring Akshay Kumar as Ajay, Taapsee Pannu as Priya, Rana Daggubati As Jai, Madhurima Tuli, Anupam kher as Shuklaji , Danny Denzongpa as Feroze Ali Khan and other various actors. For your brain would might be thinking, Why the title ‘BABY’ was chosen? because the team exists only for 5 years and was then either determinated or made official. The rules are that the black cards of these agents are exterminated if they get caught, india decuse them.

It’s a sexy idea, writer director Neeraj Pandey creates a film that plays to patriotic sentiments and allows us to indulge in some action pack super power fantasies. Like America and Osama Bin laden, we have too have the men and the way to pluck up clustered criminals in the foreign land. There is a sweet satisfaction in watching the sunford even though the drama is predictable and by the end wildly impalusible. Neeraj has a great firmness and talent in setting up 10 different situations around men in uniforms.

e.g. In special 26, he created a threatening and cracking suspense. the narrrative is filled with far fetched momemts and logical echoes, at one point a dreaded terrorist escapes after a full bloom shootout on the lame light. This is a major accident which occurs but it hardly attracts any attention, in fact there barely any cars on the road that as any traffic in Mumbai, I can tell you it is pure fantasy. He has created a film that has emotions, drama, action, thriller and moments for audience when you clap on the show.

There are also glimpses of genuine insight earlier in the film ahead the baby says that the fact that now terror groups of Indian recruits reveils the failure of the state but Neeraj chooses not to pursue that thorny narrative thread instead he stays with the firmer palatable and herione tape of a few good men and a one woman to sacrifice their lives of their country which translates into solid entertainment. One of the thriller Bollywood movies 2015 I have ever seen.

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