punjabi comedy movies 2015

Top 10 Punjabi Comedy Movies 2015 Which You Should Watch

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Punjabi Cinema (Pollywood) is famous for making comedy movies. Comedy movies are always popular among the audiences. They get good response from public and well known for comedy genre. These movies are really good to watch with friends and families together. Some of the movies mentioned below was personally watched by me. If you are belonging to Punjab, you must watch that movie and i am sure, you really like that movie. It was very difficult to choose best comedy movies 2015, nevertheless Movienasha compiled a list of Top 10 Best Punjabi Comedy Movies 2015 which you should watch. Let’s begin the list:

Best Punjabi Comedy Movies 2015 You Shouldn’t Miss It

10. What the Jatt!! (2015)

punjabi comedy movies 2015
source: www.youtube.com

What the Jatt!! is a Punjabi comedy movie which was directed by Saket S Behl. The movie features Harish Verma, Isha Rikhi, Vipul Roy, Binnu Dhillon, B.N. Sharma in a lead role. What the Jatt is a nerve tickling adventurous comedy movie about a young aspiring actor Raj and his best friend Fateh, who hail from a village in Punjab. During their efforts to achieve their dreams they find themselves in hilarious situations that lead to a chain of unexpected events. One mishap after another leads them to posing as detectives, to film makers to what not, creating mayhem of confusion and laugh riots. But like true Jatts, they overcome all challenges and emerge as winners.

Harish Verma who plays the role of Raj dominates the movie. Raj’s friend Fateh played by Vipul Roy also shares good screen time. However rest of the cast including leading actress Isha Rikhi, Binnu Dhillon and BN Sharma have somewhat small role to play in the movie.

9. Oh Yaara Ainvayi Ainvayi Lut Gaya (2015)

punjabi comedy movies 2015
source: www.youtube.com

Oh Yaara Ainvayi Ainvayi Lut Gaya is a Punjabi romantic+comedy+drama movie directed by Raj Sinha and produced by Mukesh Sharma and Khushwant Singh. The movie features Jassi Gill and Gauhar Khan in a lead role. The major benefit for choosing famous star cast in this movie is to get an attraction of audience towards the movie and that formula works from long time in the cinema. It is the story of Gunjan (Gauhar Khan) and Ranveer (Jassi Gill).

Two love birds that fight over a petty issue. And eventually their fight ends up at court where they file for divorce. The movie mostly revolves around a court room where they appear for divorce hearings. And before the judge could actually give a verdict a tragic incident brings them back together. The element of comedy is noteworthy. Rana Ranbir proves his skill in creating laughter. Many dialogues by the judge B.N. Sharma add to the comic side of the film.

8. 22g Tussi Ghaint Ho (2015)

punjabi comedy movies 2015
source: www.youtube.com

22g Tussi Ghaint Ho is one of the best Punjabi comedy movies 2015 which you shouldn’t miss it. The movie was directed by Vishal Parasher. The movie features Rupal Bal, Jus Reign, Bhagwant Mann, Upasana Singh, Tej Sapru and many others. The comic timing of Bhagwant Mann is excellent. Upasana Singh is bit loud but keep the audience engaged on screen. Jus Reign & Rupan Bal steals the show in their first movie. Pooja Verma is back after “Baaz” looks charming on screen. Raghveer Boli & Jaspal Mand will stunned you with their performances. Dialogues of the movie will keep you engaging on screen. You will definitely love this Political Comedy movie.

7. Jugaddi Dot Com (2015)

punjabi comedy movies 2015
source: www.youtube.com

Jugaddi Dot Com is an Punjabi romantic+comedy movie which was directed by Anil Vij. The movie features Nachhatar Gill, Feroz Khan, Sarb Chawla, Rana Ranbir, Mansi Sharma, Megha Sharma and many others. The Script of the movie is little funny & very moody. The story of the movie is just above the average, as there is nothing new in the story of the movie but well direction make the movie excellent. The song of the movie is also good, it is that part of movie which uplift the level of the movie.

6. Dildariyaan (2015)

punjabi comedy movies 2015
source: www.newznew.com

Dildariyaan is a Punjabi romantic+comedy movie which was directed by Pankaj Batra. The movie features Jassi Gill, Sagarika Ghatge, Binnu Dhillon, Guggu Gill, Karamjot Anmol in a lead role. Jassi Gill  acted so smoothly in the movie. Sagarika Ghatge looks really amazing in Punjabi girl’s look. she also acted amazingly. Her costumes are really impressive. In character artists Binnu Dhillon and Karamjeet Anmol were fantastic. Nobody can stop laughing on their comedy punches.

The story starts with Guggu Gill and Sagarika Ghatge, who lives in a small village. Father and daughter loves each other. Paali (Sagrika ghatge) is going to Chandigarh for her study. Here she met Parvan (Jassie Gill) accidentally. Parvan falls in love with her but Paali is not interested because her father already found someone for her in foreign. She tells Parvan about it. But Parvan has a believe that he can impress her one day. At what happen to his little and Sweet love story? To find out you need to watch the movie.

5. Myself Pendu (2015)

punjabi comedy movies 2015
source: www.youtube.com

Myself Pendu is a Punjabi comedy movie directed, produced and written by Surinder Rihal. The movie features Preet Harpal, Sayali Bhagat, Jaswinder Bhalla, Satinder Satti in a lead role. This is a story of two brothers Preet and Harpal played by Preet Harpal and Ather Habib. They belongs to a middle class village family. Their mother (Upasna Singh) always supports them for whatever rubbish they do. Their father (Jaswinder Bhalla) always try to teach them the reality of life but they never listen to him.

They keep on making schemes which can make them rich. To fulfill their dreams, they find two rich girls (sayali bhagat, Satinder Satti) and convince them to marry. Later they found the girls are not rich and they changed their mind. One day they found that their is one criminal who looks like their father and if they catch him they can get a big amount in a price. So they made a new plan. So what was the plan and what happen after? To know the answers, you have to watch the movie.

4. Jugde Singh LLB (2015)

punjabi comedy movies 2015
source: moviefisher.com

Judge Singh LLB is a Punjabi courtroom drama+comedy movie which was directed by Athrav Baluja. The movie features Ravinder Grewal, Sardar Sohi, Chandan Prabhakar in a lead role. The character of the Judge Singh performed by Ravinder which actually suits him a lot and nowhere in the film his acting chart fallen down. He was looking real and cool in the movie. BN Sharma, Chandan Prabhakar, and Sardar Sohi did a fantastic job by entertaining an audience on several occasions in the movie. The young looking beautiful actress Surbhi turns Judge Singh in her love. The Drama, suspense and comedy in the movie will not give you a chance to leave your seats. Must watch this movie and share your experience with us.

3. Mukhtiar Chadha (2015)

punjabi comedy movies 2015
source: www.filmipunjabi.com

Mukhtiyar Chadha is a Punjabi comedy+romantic movie directed Gifty and produced by Vivek Ohri. The movie features Diljit Dosanjh, Oshin Brar, Yashpal Sharma, Inderpal Singh, Kiran Juneja in a lead role. Mukhtiar Chadha (Diljit) is a ‘Purani Dilli’ guy whose only desire in life is to get rich, by hook or by crook. He is so business-oriented, he doesn’t even spare his neighbour Dimple (Oshin Brar) from his shrewd tactics. He finds out Dimple flunked in her exams, so he starts extorting money from her to not tell her father.

This, of course, is the beginning of their love. Diljit Dosanjh is a Rockstar. He has that capability in him to even make the dead people laugh. He is just brilliant. His pronunciation in the film of a Delhi based Sikh and his command over the language was commendable. I think you must watch this movie. Don’t bother about rating. Just gave one chance to Muktiyar Chadha. I make assure you that it will not disappoint you.

2. Angrej (2015)

punjabi comedy movies 2015
source: www.lahorecinema.com

Angrej is one of my best Punjabi comedy movies 2015 which was directed by Simerjit Singh. The movie features Amrinder Gill, Aditi Sharma, Sargun Mehta, Ammy Virk, Binnu Dhillon in a lead role. All the actors portray characters typical of 1945. It is actually a romantic comedy set in 1945 rural India with a complex love story at its core. Amrinder Gill looks so cute on screen in role of a illiterate villager. Angrej is a complete family entertaining movie. it`s designed specially for rural audience but urban audience can also enjoy this movie.

1. Munde Kamaal De (2015)

punjabi comedy movies 2015
source: www.punjabigroove.com

Munde Kamaal De (Punjabi: ਮੁੰਡੇ ਕਮਾਲ ਦੇ) is one of my favorite Punjabi comedy movies 2015 which was directed by Amit Prashar. The movie features Amrinder Gill, Yuvraj Hans, Binnu Dhillon, Mandy Takhar, Prabhjeet Kaur in a lead role. The movie revolves around three characters who are blind deaf and mute. It revolves around their love life and the troubles brought upon by their disabilities. Munde Kamaal De could have made some kamaal if only the it had a well-placed storyline. Story was kept simple and it was the screenplay which was kept smooth. It’s a good movie to watch.

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