Top 10 Best Biographical Movies You Should Definitely Watch

best biographical movies

If I ask you which movies do you prefer most, Biopics or Regular fiction movies, I am pretty sure your answer would be biopics. Fiction movies are just for entertainment and all of them are pretty much same but when you watch a biopic, you can relate that movie to your life at some point. The only thig that makes you watch a biopic is curiosity, what did that particular person wanted from life and what steps did he/she followed to fulfill  his/her dreams. If anything biographical movies definitely teach you some lessons to live your dreams and to be successful. So today I’ve decided to make a list of Top 10 Best Biographical Movies which you should definitely watch.

Top 10 Best Biographical Movies You Should Definitely Watch

10) The Elephant Man (1980)

best biographical movies
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Based on story of Joseph Merrick, The Elephant Man is 1980 American classic movie. The movie is based on the friendship of Joseph Merrick and his doctor Frederick Treves. Joseph Merrick known as “The Elephant Man” was a disfigured man who lived in London from 1862-1890. After being abandoned by his parents, Joseph was exhibited in a side-show freak for several years, where Treves finds him and gave him shelter in the local hospital where he lived for rest of his life. During this time period Treves and Joseph build a strong friendship.

Although it was a black-and-white movie, still the movie was one of the great hits of all time. It received a great and positive response from audience and critics. The way David Lynch put up the story of Joseph into a single film and giving a social message to treat everyone equally was just tremendous.

9) Gandhi (1982)

best biographical movies
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Whenever we talk about history, the one name that played an important role in independence of India is Mahatma Gandhi. With his leadership and strong principles India got its independence in 1947. In 1982, Richard Attenborough made an epic biopic on the story of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi also known as Mahatma Gandhi starring Ben Kingsley as Gandhi. The story starts from the day when Mahatma Gandhi was thrown out of a white’s compartment of a train in South Africa and ends with his death.

A three hour long movie, Richard Attenborough has covered the entire life of Gandhi from his non-violent protest that gave Indians equal rights in South Africa to leading the entire country and giving it its independence. The movie was so loved by audience that it was nominated for 11 Academy Awards out of which it won eight awards including best actor and best director. Well this three hour long amazing biopic is a must watch movie and it is one of the best biographical movies of all time.

 8) Good Fellas (1990)

best biographical movies
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Whether you love crime based movies or not but you will definitely going to love this epic biographical movie of 90’s gangster Henry Hill. The movie covers the entire criminal period of Henry’s life from 1955 to 1980. Although there is a lot of violence and awful things happening in the movie but still the way these small things are covered into a single movie, it makes the character of Henry so much likable. Henry and his friends append their entire life as criminals doing everything from robberies to drug business and murders but still after watching the movie you are going to love the story of Henry.

The best thing about Good Fellas is that it is one of those movie which is based on a Gangster’s life but still is one of the great hits of all time. The movie end up grossing $48 million worldwide and was nominated for six Academy Awards. The unique story of Henry Hill makes this movie one of the best biographical movies.

7) The Aviator (2004)

best biographical movies
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Well there are two reasons for watching this movie, first one is that it is based on the story of a very successful man Howard Hughes and the second one is that it is a Leonardo DiCaprio movie. The way DiCaprio has portrayed the character of Howard Hughes is just fascinating. This is one of those DiCaprio movie which you will find totally worth watching. It is one of the best biographical movies I have ever seen.

Howard Hughes was a successful filmmaker. Despite his successful carrier in filmmaking, he was not satisfied with his life. So he decided to fly planes and became one of the great aviator of all time. He broke many world air records and later on opened his own aircraft companies. The movie got almost positive reviews worldwide and grossed a total amount of $110 million worldwide.

6) The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)

best biographical movies
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Pursuit of Happyness is just not a movie, it is an inspirational biopic of Chris Gardner who has seen many worst moments in his life. Chris was a successful entrepreneur of all time and the movie describes te struggling time period of his life. The movie is adopted from the book written by Chris himself. This movie is literally a cinematic version of “Never Giving Up”, no matter what is the moment, no matter how bad it is just never give up and one day success will be yours.

Personally Pursuit of Happyness is one of my favorite biographical movie because the story is so inspiring that it can literally give you goosebumps. If a person can become a successful entrepreneur from nearly being a homeless then anything is possible. Chris’s story managed to inspire many people to achieve financial independence. The movie was one of the most popular movies ever made, it grossed a total amount of $162 million worldwide.

5) Catch Me If You Can (2002)

best biographical movies
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If you love watching biopics in which people manage to make millions in a very short time, you are definitely going to love this amazing crime based biographical movie of Frank Abagnale. Frank Abagnale was a teenager, obsessed with making great money and guess what, he manages to make millions before his 19th birthday. He performed many cons posing as a doctor, a pilot and a prosecutor. The movie basically describes his life story from age 15-21 in which he made millions with his con tricks and escaped from police and FBI several times. Later on he was arrested by FBI but due to his experience as an impostor, he was hired by FBI to catch other check frauds.

Catch Me if You Can was a great hit of all time. It grossed an amount of $382million worldwide and was nominated for Academy Awards for best actor. Leonardo DiCaprio’s role as Frank Abagnale was amazing and it was highly loved by audience. If you haven’t watched this movie yet, I’ll recommend you should definitely watch it, it is one of those movies which you cannot miss to watch.

4) Steve Jobs (2015)

best biographical movies
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Isn’t it great when you get to watch the story of your ideal in a movie? Steve Jobs is an epic biographical movie based on the story of Apple Inc. co-founder Steve Jobs. The movie covers the fourteen years of his life from 1984-1998 during which he worked as a personal computing innovator and later on became the co-founder of Apple-Inc. this movie is portrayal of the struggling time period of Job’s life.

The reasons you should watch this movie is that it is based on the story of one of the most successful businessman of all time and it is great to learn from the life of such a successful person. Steve Jobs is not only one of the best biographical movies, but it is also one of the successful movies of all time. The movie grossed $34.5 million worldwide and it was also nominated for several awards including Golden Globe Award for best screenplay and Academy Award for best actor.

3) The Social Networking (2010)

best biographical movies
source: wikipedia.org

If you have an innovative idea, want to do your own startup, you should definitely watch The Social Networking. The Social Networking is an amazing biographical movie of Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook. This movie is about what the real story behind Facebook was, how Mark came up with the idea, how he invented Facebook and how he started making billions from Facebook. I am pretty sure most of you are fascinated with the life of Mark Zuckerberg and want to be successful like him, but to become successful you should first know how he led his life towards success.

And the way Jesse Adam Eisenberg has did the role of Mark Zuckerberg is the best thing about movie. The movie also became a great hit of all time, it received three Academy Awards and grossed a total amount of $224 million worldwide. This movie is really an inspirational movie for all those people who want to start their own business and make millions from it. All you need is an innovative idea and a dream to achieve something.

2) The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

best biographical movies
source: wikipedia.org

Is it me or Leonardo DiCaprio is actually obsessed with making epic biopics. The Wolf of Wall Street is another epic biographical movie based on the life of successful stockbroker Jordan Belfort beautifully played by Leonardo DiCaprio. Jordan Belfort was actually known as the Wolf of Wall Street, the way he started his own company and made billions from it is totally worth watching. Jordan’s life inspired many people to go into broker business.

The Wolf of Wall Street is not just a biopic, it is also an inspirational movie for all those who want a real success in broker business. The movie shows various techniques on how to sell stocks to people and how to convince them to buy more stocks and make profit from it. Even though what Jordan did was illegal but still he has inspired many people to go into stock marketing and make money. Well personally this is my all-time favorite movie.

1) Schindler’s List (1993)

best biographical movies
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I was never a fan of classic and old movies but after watching this movie I just loved it. Schindler’s List is a classic 1993 movie based on the story of businessman Oskar Schindler who saved thousands of Jews during World War II. Literally there is no biographical movie where a person has saved thousands of people from dying and giving them work. And that’s what make this movie best biographical movie of all time.

The movie covers different phases of Oskar Schindler’s life one in which he was just a carefree person and the second in which he felt responsible. Oskar Schindler gave work to thousands of Jews and saved them from being killed in a Holocaust. The movie was a great hit of all time, it won seven Academy Awards out of 12 nominations including best actor and best director.

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