Top 10 Best Bengali Movies 2015

best bengali movies 2015

Hey guys, as I again promised you in my previous article that I will write an article on best Bengali movies of 2011, 2012, 2013 and soon. so here we go. I am going to write an article about the top 10 best Bengali movies 2015. The movies which are mentioned below are really really good to watch. I hope this will entice you to watch some and don’t forget to share your personal experience with us.

According to you, if you want to add any best Bengali movies of 2015, then please do let me know by writing in the comment box. I make assure you that I will definitely add that movie to the list. Please leave comment or feedback if you think differently and have something in mind which you want me to notice. Your comments or feedback are most welcome! Let’s start:

10 Best Bengali Movies 2015 Which You Surely Watch

10. Abby Sen (2015)

best bengali movies 2015

Director: Atanu Ghosh

Writer: Atanu Ghosh

Stars: Abir Chatterjee, Raima Sen, Chiranjeet Chakraborty, Arunima Ghosh, Bratya Basu, Priyanka Sarkar, Kanchan Mullick, Neel Mukherjee, Biswanth Basu

Science fiction films are very rarely made in Bengali cinema and certainly, none have been made so far on the subject of time travel. Atanu Ghosh’s new film Abby Sen is based on that concept which revolves around a man’s journey as he goes back in time. It was interesting to add a curious angle to time travel by making Abby a sci-fi buff himself who analyses his own experiences with those happening in classic films which he has seen! Further, it gave a new dimension to the eternal tussle of a sensitive man torn between illusion and reality. Overall, Abby Sen is a film you should watch for the great performances.

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But if you are looking for a heavy dose of hi-tech sci-fi, stick to Hollywood. Abby Sen will tickle you with nostalgia, pinch you with love and will hug you with laughter. This movie always comes in the category of “Best Bengali Movies 2015”. The main strong point of the movie is it’s precise and not been dragged. Abir as Abby was good, Raima, Arunima, and Priyanka did their job well. Chiranjeet as a scientist was average but with the funny dialogues, you will find him attractive. This Friends Communication movie is a good one time watch.

9. Natoker Moto- Like a Play (2015)

best bengali movies 2015

Director: Debesh Chattopadhyay

Writer: Debesh Chattopadhyay

Stars: Paoli Dam, Rupa Ganguly, Rajatava Dutta, Saswata Chatterjee, Ushasie Chakraborty, Saayani Ghosh

“Natoker Moto Like a Play” has been inspired from the life of 70’s theatre actress Keya Chakraborty. Hence it’s not a biopic of her as claimed by director Debesh Chatterjee. Though Debesh Chatterjee is a theatre person however as a director he has handled the movie very dynamically. He tried to show a 70’s women journey against the society, against all her difficulties as a female artist, especially when a woman is of marvellous capability and excellence beyond her time but the sudden death of such an extremely reputed actress delves into an ongoing search behind the causes and ceaseless conflicts that a female artist has to confront and how she is made a paradigm of male domination.  

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The screenplay, characterization, and dialogues are simply awesome. Most interesting part of the movie is that it divides into three parts: the first pure real zone, second theatrical zone and third the transition from pure real zone to theatrical zone. These are the USP of the film and this can be possible by Debesh Chatterjee only as a director and as a theatre person. Last but not the least “Every suicide is an accident but actually every suicide is a murder”.

8. Babar Naam Ganghiji (2015)

best bengali movies 2015

Director: Paval Bhattacharya

Writer: Paval Bhattacharya

Stars: Parambrata Chattopadhyay, Surajit Mukherjee, Saayoni Ghosh, Kaushik Sen

Mahatma Gandhi has been the inspiration for many feature films down the years – as ghost, as part of a child’s subconscious memory, as an icon to be followed at every step, as the real man who is interpreted differently at different phases of his life by different filmmakers with their distinct treatment, style and approach. But in Babar Naam Gandhiji, a street urchin named Kencho (snail) who was discovered discarded in a dustbin by an old alcoholic and grew up in the dredges of Kolkata, eking a living out of begging and blackmailing, Gandhi assumes the shape of his biological father! That changes the map of his life forever.

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The Story has nothing to do with Rajkumar Hirani’s ‘Lage Raho Munnabhai’. It gives hopes to Bengali Cinema when new writers come up with such original and interesting plots. The Screenplay (Pavel) does not take much time to introduce the characters. The Make-Up and Costumes give a real-life touch to the movie.  The message of the film comes across loud and clear – it is not Gandhi that is important in this story but it is how the iconization of a departed national leader can change the life of a street urchin even after he learns that Gandhi is not his father, never was and never will be! The film does not pontificate, does not deliver sermons or lectures but does everything through entertainment and how! Must watch movie for everyone.

7. Katmundu (2015)

best bengali movies 2015

Director: Raj Chakraborty

Writer: Padmanabha Dasgupta

Stars: Soham Chakraborty, Abir Chatterjee, Rudranil Ghosh, Srabanti Chatterjee, Mimi Chakraborty, Saswata Chatterjee, Ekavali Khanna

Kathmundu has its own freshness and the credit goes to Padmanabha Dasgupta for a fresh story.  Three working professional Sidhu, Pablo Bose, Sunny Ghosh, who got stuck with their overburdened office work, completely stressed and lost work-life balance because of their ruthless boss Chintapaty Aiyo Swami played by Saswata. After 6 months of continuous work, they finally managed to convince their boss for a leave with an excuse of Sidhu’s serious illness and en-route to Nepal. The story is about how their life takes an unexpected turn after meeting Pallabi and Rai on their way to Nepal, forms the crux of the story.

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When a good story is narrated by a good storyteller then the film like Katmundu happens. Raj Chakravarty exactly did what story demanded. Though it’s a multi starrer movie you won’t feel that, all have equal contribution না বেসি না কম(neither more nor less) and all the credit goes to the director for that. Once again its proved Raj Chakraborty অন্য রকমের cinemaও বানাতে পারে (make a different kind of cinema)। It’s a must watch comedy movie where you will find the perfect blend of tight script, good story and perfectly directed movie which will refresh you and help you to continue your daily battle in work front. Thank you Team Katmundu for this wonderful presentation. Team MovieNasha wishes you all the success.

6. Teenkahon (2015)

best bengali movies 2015

Director: Bauddhayan Mukherji

Writer: Abhinandan Banerjee, Bauddhayan Mukherji (screenplay)

Stars: Suman Mukhopadhyay, Kharaj Mukherjee, Manasi Sinha, Biswanath Basu, Monu Mukhopadhyay, Parvathy Baul, Joy Sengupta

Teenkahon (English: Three Obsessions) is a Bengali mystery drama movie which pays a tribute to the filmmaking influences from three eras. Teenkahon is a ‘Triptych’ document flavored with social bends and turns that has humbly made an attempt in portraying the alternating faces of mortality, degeneration of values and changing social structure through three independent stories- Nabalok, Post Mortem, and Telephone. ‘Nabalok’, which is the first section of the three-part anthology, is the story that revolves around a ‘boy’ with its narrative technique as that of the classical pattern of filmmaking back during the late ‘40s and ‘50s.

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Shifting to the next section, ‘Post Mortem’ is the claustrophobic single-room drama that made the viewers visualize the estranged conversation in between two men on the day of devastating 1978 Calcutta floods. The third segment ‘Telephone’, wraps up the choppy emotional yanks of 2013 Calcutta in the light of technological evolution and its progress. A concoction of the stories composed by Bhibhutibhushan Mukhopadhyay and Syed Mustafa Siraj, ‘Teenkahon’ is a subtle execution of human relationships. The movie has projected three grounds of obsessions in three independent acts (stories).

5. Open Tee Bioscope (2015)

best bengali movies 2015

Director: Anindya Chatterjee

Writer: Anindya Chatterjee

Stars: Riddhi Sen, Rwitobroto Mukherjee, Dhee Majumder, Jishnu Bandyopadhyay, Surangana Bandopadhyay, Rajatava Dutta, Sudipa Chakraborty, Kaushik Sen, Sohini Sarkar

Childhood is considered by most as the best period of life. Carefree life, vacations, para-cricket, first crush, friends who mean life to your – school days truly are memorable for anyone. Anindya Chatterjee, after gifting Bengalis classic compositions for decades, turned to direction with adolescent friendship as the theme of his debut venture. The story is of Fowara – a rebel who has been expelled from school for beating up the hostel warden and has returned to his North Kolkata para. The first half of the film is like a leisurely Sunday morning; the film is emotional yet fun. It is one of the best Bengali movies 2015 which is based on the childhood.

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There is a child-like innocence in the treatment of the film. Therein lies the beauty of Open Tee Bioscope. The film does not boast of being a high-on-cerebral artsy film nor is it a formulaic remake of any South India flick. It is an honest retelling of the most innocent days in any person’s life – everyone sitting in the audience can identify with. Open Tee Bioscope is a nostalgia trip which would make you want to call up your best friend and arrange a school reunion. It is only when you watch films like these when you realize “Those were the days”.

Download: Open Tee Bioscope

4. Ebar Shabor (2015)

best bengali movies 2015

Director: Arindam Sil

Writer: Shirshendu Mukhopadhyay

Stars: Saswata Chatterjee, Payel Sarkar, Swastika Mukherjee, Abir Chatterjee, Ritwick Chakraborty, June Malia, Debolina Dutta, Rahul Banerjee

Ebar Shabor (English: Now It’s Winter) is a suspense + thriller+ mystery movie based on the detective story “Rwin” by Shirshendu Mukhopadhyay. The screenplay has been written in such a way that it unfolds the story very interestingly by introducing each character one by one and along with their introduction and their interaction with Shabor. The story also proceeds in flashbacks. While the first half has more comic moments the second half concentrates more on romance and emotion. No matter the length of each of the character’s screen time but every character has something special about him or her which makes you notice them and keeps you engaged with the story. By the time the story ends.

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The audiences are so much engaged with each of the characters that they don’t mind who is the actual murderer rather they are keen to know what happened after that with each of the characters. As a director, Arindam Sil should get full marks for choosing an interesting story and presenting it in an engaging way taking a good performance from his cast and crew. To sum up, it is an engaging thriller with some interesting characters played by good performers. It should be watched to encourage a good director to make good Bengali films in the future too.

Download: Ebar Shabor

3. Rajkahini (2015)

best bengali movies 2015

Director: Srijit Mukherji

Writer: Srijit Mukherji

Stars: Rituparna Sengupta, Jisshu Sengupta, Saswata Chatterjee, Abir Chatterjee, Koushik Sen, Joya Ahsan

Rajkahini (English: Tale of kings or Tale of Raj) is a Bengali drama movie which consists of an ensemble cast containing eleven major female characters. Rajkahini is a story of defiance. Rajkahini is a story of emotions. Rajkahini is a story of love that has no place in this society. Rajkahini is a story of philosophy and self-realization. And Rajkahini is exactly the kahini that your history books never told you in school.

The movie takes place during the time India got independence and the consequences that it brought to millions of people living around the border between the countries India and Bangladesh. Rajkahini looks at an event like the partition of India from a humane perspective. The financial, social, structural, and emotional damages that followed. The people uprooted, the bonds broken, the powers flattened. Rajkahini, like Nirbaak, like Jatiswar, makes you think. And this is one of the most enjoyable aspects of the movie to me.

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Many subtle dialogues, references, indications etc. leave a lasting impact on your mind. They make you think about a topic in a wholly different way. Things you maybe haven’t ever given a thought about. The film is, in many ways, a brave one. It felt very natural. It wasn’t created to please anyone, or soothe anyone’s eyes. It portrayed the reality mercilessly. It portrayed it beyond the “13 people killed, many more suspected injured” sentimentlessness. That’s partially why the sudden and unexpected lesbian scene seemed very natural in the context of the movie. Rajkahini isn’t purposefully made for everyone. But for those who can connect with the details and the emotions associated with the movie, it’ll indeed be a cinematic treat.

2. Chuye Dile Mon (2015)

best bengali movies 2015

Director: Shihab Shaheen

Writer: Shihab Shaheen

Stars: Arifin Shuvoo, Zakia Bari Momo, Iresh Zaker, Misha Sawdagor, Anondo Khaled, Ali Raz

Chuye Dile Mon Is a fully fledged Romantic Film about two lovers separated by obstacles but destined to be together. The film stars Arifin Shuvoo and Zakia Bari Momo in a role of Abir and Nila. The film deals with the theme of Childhood Love or simply first love, which can never be forgotten. Abir and Nila, separated for 12 years still loves one another and fights all the obstacles to become one. The film doesn’t have any extraordinary story that the audience can leave the theater with but the way Shihab Shaheen presented the story is outstanding.

Just how Wine tastes better with Age, Shihab Shaheen made us see how a story can also be better with time. The soundtrack of the film chronicles the emotional love story of the film. The film’s soundtrack is one of the best of its time. Especially tracks like Chuye Dile Mon, Bhalobasha Dao and Shunno Theke makes the film more special. Overall, The film is one of the best films of recent times with a great storytelling, music, and cast. The film, the director, and the cast ensures that the future of Bangladesh’s film is in safe hands.

1. Bela Seshe (2015)

best bengali movies 2015

Director: Nandita Roy, Shiboprosad Mukherjee

Writer: Nandita Roy

Stars: Soumitra Chatterjee, Swatilekha Sengupta, Rituparna Sengupta, Aparajita Auddy, Monami Ghosh

Bela Seshe (English: At the end of the day) aka (In the Autum of my life): A beautiful lesson on marriage and relationships. What will you do if your father asks for a divorce after 49 years of his successful marriage? That is what Biswanath Majumdar (Soumitra Chatterjee) did in the film. The movie tells the story of the ‘habit’ called love and establishes the fact of ‘being in love’ as a habit. A must watch to realise what might be lost and what can be won with rightful actions. The movie brought back Satyajit Ray’s iconic Ghare Baire pair, Soumitra Chatterjee and Swatilekha Sengupta on the big screen after 30 years. This movie is always listed on the top whenever it comes in the category of “Best Bengali Movies 2015” or “Best Bengali Movies to watch” and soon.

Bela Seshe makes us question ourselves on various aspects like does age have any bearing on romance? Why communication is so very important in every single relationship and what does one do to improve it? Is there a place for ego and self-respect beyond a point in a relationship? When a relationship grows in terms of period, how does one enable there is growth in terms of warmth and affection as well? Well one can go on and on as there are a number of layers that the film manages to touch upon and quite effectively at that.  (So by writing this article, i have completed my promise. Stay tuned with us with more Bengali movies related articles. Take care my movie addicted lovers and readers.)

Download: Bele Seshe (In the Autum of My Life)

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