The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Review (2010-2011)


Mini Intro about The Vampire Diaries Season 2: The vampire diaries is an American show with seven seasons. Its based on the novel written by same name by L.J. smith. It’s second season has 22 episodes. Leads are played by Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder. It has a huge cast. The best thing about the series is its storyline and wonderful chemistry between the actor. Whether it be love between Stefan and Elena or love-jealous-hatred between Salvatore brothers, or the friendship between Elena. You may also check out The Vampire Diaries Season 1 review.

Main Cast: The Vampire Diaries Season 2

the vampire diaries season 2 review
Nina DobrevAs Elena Gilbert/Katherine Pierce/Amara
Paul WesleyAs Stefan Salvatore
Ian SomerhalderAs Damon Salvatore
Steven R. McQueenAs Jeremy Gilbert
Kat GrahamAs Bonnie Bennett/Emily Bennett
Candice AccolaAs Caroline Forbes
Zach RoerigAs Matt Donovan
Sara CanningAs Jenna Sommers
Michael TrevinoAs Tyler Lockwood
Kayla EwellAs Vicki Donovan
Matt DavisAs Alaric Saltzman

Recurring Cast:

Malese JowAs Annabelle “Anna” Johnson
Robert PralgoAs Mayor Richard Lockwood
Marguerite MaclntryeAs Sheriff Elizabeth “Liz” Forbes
Jasmine GuyAs Sheila Bennett
Mia KirshnerAs Isobel Saltzman
Bianca LawsonAs Emily Bennett
Melinda ClarkeAs Kelly Donovan
Chris William MartinAs Zach Salvatore
Kelly HuAs Pearl Johnson
David AndersAs Johnathan “John” Gilbert
Sterling SuliemanAs Harper
Chris JohnsonAs Logan Fell
Susan WaltersAs Carol Lockwood
Daniel GilliesAs Elijah Mikaelson
Taylor KinneyAs Mason Lockwood
Bryton JamesAs Luka Martin
Randy J. GoodwinAs Dr. Jonas Martin
Michaela McManusAs Jules
Dawn OlivieriAs Andie Star
Joseph MorganAs Niklaus Maddox
Gino Anthony PesiAs Maddox
Lauren CohanAs Rose-Marie

Guest Cast:

Benjamin AyresAs William Tanner
Kevin NicholsAs a Policeman
Sean FarisAs Ben McKittrick
Stephen MartinesAs Frederick
James RemarAs Giuseppe Salvatore
Arielle KebbelAs Alexia “Lexi” Branson
Gina TorresAs Bree
Brandon QuinnAs Lee
Dillon CaseyAs Noah
Amanda DetmerAs Trudie Peterson
Spencer LockeAs Amber Bradley
Mike ErwinAs Charlie

What do I conclude after watching The Vampire Diaries Season (2010-2011)?

Here is the complete synopsis of 22 Episode of The Vampire Diaries Season 2 in my own way. So let’s begin the Vampire Diaries season 2 review. Just like the first season, this one is also interesting. The first season ended with the return of Katherine. She tries to kill John Gilbert. Jeremy decides to kill himself and become a vampire after Anna’s death. Elena arrives at home and saves both of them. Caroline gets injured and admitted to the hospital. Damon realizes after talking to Elena and Jenna that he kissed Katherine and she has returned to mystic falls.

Katherine also pays Stefan a visit. Salvatore brothers get worried about her intentions. Damon suggests that vampire blood can heal Caroline. Sheriff informs Damon that mayor Lockwood is dead. At mayor’s funeral, Katherine shows up as Elena. Bonnie after touching her recognize and tries to attack but Katherine is stronger and doesn’t get affected. Stefan arrives and starts to ask questions to Katherine about her plans. She doesn’t answer any.

At the same day, Mason Lockwood arrives, who is the uncle of Tyler. Mrs. Lockwood tells Damon that Mason is not a part of the council. Katherine tells Stefan that she has returned for him because she loves him. Stefan tells her that she hates her and she compelled him to love her all those years ago. She stabs Stefan and says that this is not the end, it’s the start. Elena tends Stefan as he heals. Damon being Damon starts teasing him and persuading him to fight reminding him about the kiss. Stefan says that he’ll not fight him because they are brothers and they need to stick together. He also tells him that he cannot hate him for being in love with Elena after all those emotionless years.

At the Salvatore house, Damon is drinking and Katherine shows up. She tries to kiss him but he refuses. But then he does the same. Suddenly he breaks off and asks her one question and says that he’ll forget these 145 years and start anew if she answers. But she tells him that she always has loved Stefan and leaves. Heartbroken and hurt Damon arrives at Gilbert house where Elena is astonished to see him. He is drunk and asks her about her feelings for him. She says see loves Stefan and always will. Angrily Damon wrings Jeremy’s neck causing him to die. Elena starts to cry but is relieved to see the ring of John on Jeremy’s hand. she is disappointed and angry at Damon.

the vampire diaries season 2

Katherine arrives at hospital and bites Caroline. When Caroline wakes she thinks its a dream. She feels hungry and starves for blood. Giving in the temptation she drinks blood from blood bag and compels nurse to discharge her. At college, everything goes normally. Uncle Mason asks Tyler about moonstone. At the carnival, Damon threatens Jeremy. Stefan arrives and tells Damon about some arm wrestle challenge between Lockwood’s. They arrive and Stefan is challenged. He fails and Damon’s doubt about Mason being supernatural heightens. He compels a boy to mess with Mason to agitate and make him angry. Salvatore brothers watch as they fight and gets confirmed that mason is not normal.

the vampire diaries season 2 review

The boy whose nose is broken sits outside as Caroline arrives. Due to temptation she kills him. Stefan, Damon, Elena watch the same and shocked to see Caroline as a vampire. Damon suggests to kill Caroline for avoiding the situation like Vicky but everyone disagrees. Bonnie blames Damon for all this and almost burn him but Elena saves him. Stefan helps Caroline for controlling the urge. Tyler finds the moonstone. Next day Alaric arrives at the Salvatore house and tells Damon, Elena and Stefan about Isobel’s research on werewolves. Damon doesn’t believes it and for further research he, Alaric and Elena head to duke university.

At the university, Isobel’s co researcher Vanessa tends them but shoots a crossbow at Elena. She is saved by Damon. Later she helps them and tells them about the Aztec curse. According to which vampires are slaves to sun and werewolves to moon. She also informs that a werewolf bite can kill a vampire. Elena gets frustrated because of lack of information about Katherine but Damon asks her to be friends with him again and he will tell her. She refuses and asks him whether he knew about the ring on Jeremy’s hand before killing him. He says no and Elena tells him that they cannot be friends anymore.

Elena informs Stefan about werewolves and how they shift at full moon and can kill a vampire. He goes in search of Caroline who bites Matt but makes him forget by compulsion. Mason in wolf form almost kills Caroline but is saved by Tyler. Later Tyler realizes that Mason is a werewolf. Matt breaks up Caroline because of her jealousy. Caroline wakes up with Katherine staring at her. Mason tells Tyler that the curse needs to be triggered for becoming a werewolf. They have to kill a human in his lifetime and the curse will be his.

Katherine makes Stefan dream about Elena and Damon together. Stefan again asks her reason for her return to town. She answers that she came for him. Stefan stabs Katherine with vervain and locks her up. She reveals that George Lockwood was a werewolf and helped her to escape in exchange of 27 vampires and the moonstone in 1864. She planned everything from the start. At Gilbert house, Damon makes Alaric invite Mason to see and confirm if he was a werewolf or not. In the kitchen Mason confronts Damon and says that he means no harm but later Damon tries to kill him but fails. Mason says that he has earned an enemy.

the vampire diaries season 2 review

Next day at the volunteers day, Stefan apologies for Damon to Mason but he still seeks revenge from him. He tells sheriff that Damon and Stefan are vampires. She refuses to believe but he proves it by making Damon drink wolfs-bane. Sheriff arrests Damon and Stefan and tries to kill them but Caroline and Elena save them. Sheriff is shocked to see here daughter as a vampire. Stefan is injured badly. Elena offers him her blood. Liz doesn’t accepts Caroline as her daughter. They lock her in a cellar. Jeremy tells Tyler about knowing of Lockwood’s secret. Tyler tells him that he has given the moonstone to Mason.

Turns out that mason loves Katherine and believes that she does the same. Alaric finds out that the moonstone can break the Aztec curse. Bonnie touches Mason and gets a vision of him and Katherine kissing. She uses her power to know that Mason is looking for moonstone for Katherine as she has promised to remove the curse so that they can be together. Damon torches him and rips his heart out.

Stefan and Elena head towards the well where moonstone is kept. Stefan jumps in it without knowing that it is full of vervain. He gets injured and Elena jumps in too to save him and for the moonstone. Damon calls Katherine and informs her about death of Mason and moonstone. Later she threats Elena and persuades Jenna to save herself. Elena decides to stay away from Stefan for the sake of her family. With Mason gone, Katherine needs a werewolf and to trigger Tyler’s curse. She persuades Matt to make Tyler kill him. However someone does get killed and Tyler’s curse is triggered. Caroline witnesses everything.

Stefan and Damon along with Jeremy, Bonnie and Alaric make a plan to kill Katherine at the masquerade party. Katherine also comes with a witch Lucy who later support the Salvatores. At the end Katherine is captive and is locked at the tomb. She tells them that Elena is the doppelganger and needs to be protected. Meanwhile Elena is kidnapped. Elena is kidnapped by Trevor and his loyal friend Rose so that they can give her to Elijah, one of the originals.

Salvatore brothers realize that Elena is kidnapped and Bonnie helps them to locate her. Damon and Stefan go in search for her. Meantime Elijah arrives and is shocked to see a doppelganger that too human. He spares the life of Rose but kills Trevor for his treachery. Damon stabs Elijah in heart and saves Elena. Rose warn Salvatores that Klaus is after Elena. Later Damon professes his love to Elena but also makes her forget by compulsion. Elijah revives and removes the stake. Further Katherine’s past in 1400s is shown. She gives birth to a girl but her father takes away the baby as it is illegitimate.. She cries hysterically for the baby. At present, Jeremy and Bonnie hang around more. Bonnie meets a new guy luka. She gets to know that Luka and his father are male witches.

the vampire diaries season 2

Elena and Caroline go to visit Katherine. Elena provides her blood and she tells her how she was chased by Klaus. Trevor and Rose helped her but she still chose to become a vampire and is still running away from him after 500 years. She tells her that Klaus gets what he wants and there is nothing stopping him. Damon and Rose visit Slater at a bar. Elijah breaks the glass walls of the bar by coins and Rose gets frightened and burnt. Originals can also use compulsion on other vampires. Elijah uses compulsion on Slater and makes him call Rose to tell that in order to save Elena they need moonstone and a witch and then makes him kill himself. Damon and Stefan plan to get the moonstone back from Katherine.

Bonnie lifts the spell for a fraction of time but Stefan gets stuck in with Katherine. Elena and Rose reach Slater’s house and see that he is dead. She decides to surrender herself for protecting others from Klaus. Damon forbids her and in the meanwhile vampires cone to take Elena away. Elijah saves them. Damon gets confused on how can he be alive after he killed him. Later Elijah says to Luka’s father that he saved Damon because he can keep Elena safe and that’s what he wants.

Tyler is still unaware of Mason’s death. Caroline tells him that she’s a vampire and helps to cope up with his first transformation. He tries to contact Mason and a woman hears the message. Tyler’s first transformation is painful but Caroline keeps him in check. Jules the werewolf arrives at mystic falls calls someone to tell about Tyler. Later she goes to the bar and Damon and Alaric start pestering her. She warns Damon that it is a full moon night. At home, Jules in wolf form tries to attack Damon but accidentally bits Rose.

Elijah arrives at Gilbert house and tells Elena that he can protect her friends and family but she will do as he says. He clarifies that he is not after moonstone but something else. Elena agrees. Elijah helps Stefan to get out of the tomb as promised to Elena. Stefan says that they should contact Isobel. Later Rose’s health deteriorates and she loses her mind. Damon has to kill her. Jules meet Tyler and tells him that vampires are enemies. She informs him that Caroline is lying to him. Damon feels guilty for death of rose.

Caroline is kidnapped by the wolves and Salvatores come to her rescue. But they all are saved by Jonas who is sent by Elijah to protect Elena’s friends. Caroline is hurt by Tyler because he doesn’t saves her. It is also revealed that John is still working with Isabel to get Katherine out of the tomb. John asks Alaric for his ring back. Damon and Stefan are attacked by wolves but Elijah save them. Tyler decides to leave with Jules. Bonnie uses her power to get into Luka’s head and tell Damon about Elijah’s actual plan. Elena already knew it all.

Damon plans a dinner party with Elijah and others. He plans to kill him by the special dagger given by John. At the 11th hour, they get to know that a vampire who kills an original dies himself. Alaric stabs him and lock Elijah in a cellar. But he didn’t knew that the dagger must remain in its place. Till then it was too late. Elena stabs Elijah afterwards. Katherine is released because of Elijah’s death. She says that she wants to help them. Jonas takes away Bonnie’s powers. Stefan reveals his past as a ripper and how Lexi helped him.

After knowing that Elijah’s dead the male witches try to unstab him. But Katherine realizes it. In the process Luka dies. Raged Jonas comes to kill Elena but dies. He gives Bonnie her powers back. Caroline declares her love for Matt. Isobel arrives unexpectedly and kidnaps Alaric and Katherine. Later it is revealed that she was compelled by Nicklaus. She burns herself in front of Elena after apologizing. Damon brings Bonnie and Jeremy to the spot where witches were killed. Bonnie asks for their powers and succeed. When Katherine awakes she gets to know that Alaric’s body is now possessed by Klaus.

Matt knows about vampire and tell sheriff about them. She asks him to play along with Caroline. At the dance, Klaus kills Bonnie and leaves Ric’s body. Later Damon informs that Bonnie is alive and they made Klaus think that she’s dead. Elena puts out the dagger off the chest of Elijah. She again allies Elijah. He reveals that they both are brothers. Klaus killed the whole family. Aztec curse is a myth. The curse is just on Klaus as he is a hybrid. After removal of the curse he’ll become invincible.

At the Dooms day, Tyler and Caroline are kidnapped by Klaus for the ritual. However Damon and Matt save them. In the process of shifting, Tyler bites Damon. But Klaus has a backup werewolf-Jules, vampire Jenna and witch Jonas daughter. At the ritual everyone is killed but Elena survives because of Bonnie. Curse gets removed but just as Elijah was going to kill Klaus, he promises him to reunite with his family. Later everyone pay obituary to Jenna. Stefan comes to Klaus for any solution of a werewolf bite which is his blood itself. Klaus asks him to become a ripper and leave the city with him. Stefan agrees for the life of his brother. Later Katherine arrives with Klaus’s blood to heal Damon and informs them that Stefan is not coming back. Stefan kills humans at the order of Klaus….(Here’s is the end of the complete summary of the “The Vampire Diaries Season 2”.

My Opinion on “The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Review”:

the vampire diaries season 2

I thought season 2 was epic. I watch this show for two reasons; the characters and the story and watching all the side stories culminate into an incredible plot and all the characters change and grow in really interesting ways was really fun for me. I’m not a fan of the bull crap sun and moon curse revelation or the whole hybrid thing (way too underworld for my taste) but it was still epic.

This season was a roller-coaster of revelations. Elijah and Klaus added the spice to the show. Every element was perfect. Full of drama, suspense and thriller.. It is much more better then first season. Everyone has done an awesome work.This show is so unique! Once again, i have to say that “Give this show a chance, whether you love or hate vampires. You won’t regret it!”

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