The Vampire Diaries Season 1 Review (2009-2010)

the vampire diaries season 1

ini Intro about The Vampire Diaries Season 1: The vampire diaries is an American show with seven seasons. Its based on the novel written by same name by L.J. smith. It’s first season has 22 episodes. Leads are played by Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder. It has a huge cast. The best thing about the series is its storyline and wonderful chemistry between the actor. Whether it be love between Stefan and Elena or love-jealous-hatred between Salvatore brothers, or the friendship between Elena.

Main Cast: The Vampire Diaries Season 1

the vampire diaries season 1 review
Nina DobrevAs Elena Gilbert/Katherine Pierce/Amara
Paul WesleyAs Stefan Salvatore
Ian SomerhalderAs Damon Salvatore
Steven R. McQueenAs Jeremy Gilbert
Kat GrahamAs Bonnie Bennett/Emily Bennett
Candice AccolaAs Caroline Forbes
Zach RoerigAs Matt Donovan
Sara CanningAs Jenna Sommers
Michael TrevinoAs Tyler Lockwood
Kayla EwellAs Vicki Donovan
Matt DavisAs Alaric Saltzman

 Recurring Cast:

Malese JowAs Annabelle “Anna” Johnson
Robert PralgoAs Mayor Richard Lockwood
Marguerite MaclntryeAs Sheriff Elizabeth “Liz” Forbes
Jasmine GuyAs Sheila Bennett
Mia KirshnerAs Isobel Saltzman
Bianca LawsonAs Emily Bennett
Melinda ClarkeAs Kelly Donovan
Chris William MartinAs Zach Salvatore
Kelly HuAs Pearl Johnson
David AndersAs Johnathan “John” Gilbert
Sterling SuliemanAs Harper
Chris JohnsonAs Logan Fell
Susan WaltersAs Carol Lockwood

Guest Cast:

Benjamin AyresAs William Tanner
Sean FarisAs Ben McKittrick
Stephen AmellAs Brady
Mike ErwinAs Charlie
Spencer LockeAs Amber Bradley
Dilon CaseyAs Noah
Amanda DetmerAs Trudie Peterson
Brandon QuinnAs Lee
Arielle KebbelAs Alexia “Lexi” Branson
Kevin NicholsAs a policeman
Stephen MartinesAs Frederick
James RemarAs Giuseppe Salvatore
Gina TorresAs Bree

What do I conclude after watching The Vampire Diaries Season 1  (2009-2010)?

Here is the complete synopsis of 22 Episode of The Vampire Diaries Season 1 in my own way. So let’s begin the Vampire Diaries season 1 review. The story starts with a young couple travelling at night in the car. Suddenly fog appears and a man appears in front of the car. The driver hastily applies brakes, but the man is thrown over due to impact. The driver asks the girl to stay still while he checks. As out from the car, he is attacked by the dead man to appears to be a vampire. Same happens to the lady.

Further story shows the main lead actress Nina Dobrev as 17 year old Elena Gilbert who has lost her parents 4 months ago in a tragic accident and is still overcoming the loss with her 15 year old brother Jeremy who has become a drug and alcohol addict and Aunt Jenna who is the legal guardian and struggling to control two depressed teenagers in the town of Mystic Falls. With all the issues she returns to school with best friend Bonnie Bennett who thinks she is a psychic because of her weird predicting abilities whereas Bonnie’s grandmother thinks she’s a witch because the witch blood runs in her maternal side. She reveals the same to Elena.

the vampire diaries season 1

With her frenemy Caroline and ex boyfriend Matt Donavan who she dumped after parents’ death, she wants to start anew. On the same day this enigmatic and handsome Stefan Salvatore played by Paul Wesley rolls in the college, and automatically fascinates Elena along with Caroline. On the other side Jeremy appears to be in love with Vicky Donovan, sister of Matt and girlfriend of Tyler Lockwood, son of the mayor. Elena visits the cemetery for her parents and starts writing her journal which she maintains, and out of nowhere fog appears and she sees a shadow of a man. She gets frightened and runs getting injured during the same. Stefan appears at the cemetery and introduces himself. Sensing her blood, Stefan who is a vampire runs away from there.

Further Stefan arrives at Elena’s house to return the journal and gets invited to the bar by Elena. They bond with each other and a party is organized the next day. Later at Stefan’s home, his uncle who actually is his nephew tells him that he is the reason of the death of the couple last night. Stefan says that it’s not possible as he does not feed on human blood and there is no other vampire in the town.

But the truth seems to be otherwise.

the vampire diaries season 1 review

At the night of the party, Vicky is attacked by a vampire and is merely saved by Jeremy. This confirms Stefan that there is another human feeder vampire out there. Stefan’s older brother Damon played by Ian Somerhalder has returned to the Mystic Falls and seems to have pure hatred towards Stefan. Stefan requests Damon to stay out of Elena’s way but Damon being Damon ignores it. Damon again kills a couple in the woods. Elena and Stefan grow closer to each other. Matt expresses his concern to Elena that how Vicki thinks she was attacked by a vampire.

the vampire diaries season 1 review

Stefan, due to his special powers of listening, overhears it and goes to the hospital to use the power of persuasion on Vicki to make her believe that she was attacked by a vampire. Jeremy visits Vicki and they talk. Later Elena visits Stefan’s house and is greeted by Damon who introduces himself and tells Elena that Katherine was Stefan’s ex-girlfriend and makes her believe that he is on rebound with family issues.

On the day of comet appearance, Stefan pays a visit to Elena where she questions him about Damon, which he dodges. At the bar, Damon catches Vicki and takes her to the rooftop. Stefan arrives to her rescue and asks Damon about his actual reasons for the return to the town to which he does not reply.

Stefan and Elena start dating. Damon on the other hand uses Caroline for blood and fakes a relationship with her using his compulsion. Bonnie touches Stefan and gets a weird feeling which leads her to avoid Stefan. Elena suggests Stefan to take part in the football team. Elena plans a dinner with Stefan and Bonnie for them to bond. Bonnie tells Elena that she is currently obsessed with three numbers 8, 14 and 22. At the dinner, Stefan gets to know that Bonnie has witch ancestors to which he appraises her. They bond eventually. Later Damon shows up at the dinner with Caroline uninvited to Stefan’s much dislike.

Damon again brings up Katherine and tells her that she was selfish, beautiful and looked liked her but died in a fire. Elena says that she is sorry for Damon too. Stefan gets to know that Damon feeds on Caroline and confronts Damon about it. He again threatens Stefan about Elena.

Due to which Stefan gives Elena a locket which makes her immune to any vampire’s compulsion.

At night of the football match, Stefan steals the show which makes Tyler jealous. On the other hand Damon complains about Caroline to Elena and tries to kiss her using his power to which Elena is immune and she slaps Damon and tells him to stay away from her. Jealous Tyler picks a fight with Jeremy and Stefan comes in between and gets injured noticed by Elena. But when she sees his hand, his wound disappeared. Damon again tries to instigate Stefan but Stefan says that Damon still has humanity in him to which Damon suddenly kills coach and history professor Tanner and says that he is no human. At the murder spot Bonnie see the same numbers 8, 14 and22.

Elena asks Stefan to be her date on the founders’ party and Damon forces Caroline to do the same. Damon visits Stefan and their nephew and almost kills the human. The nephew tells Stefan that they have to stop Damon and shows him wolfs bane field which is dangerous to vampires. Stefan offers Damon a drink but Damon gets to know that it is spiked with bane and does not consume it. At the founders party Caroline is asked by her mother who is the sheriff about Damon. Gilbert family is supposed to put on a few items in the exhibition at party.

Jeremy steals a pocket watch of his father and says that it belongs to him as it is passed on to generation. Elena agrees and tells Mrs. Lockwood that watch is not in their parents’ stuff. At the same party, Jenna meets her ex boyfriend Logan Fell who is now a news reporter. Elena sees signatures of Damon and Stefan Salvatore at the inauguration of founders’ party to which both lie and say that they are their ancestors signature with same name. Elena asks Stefan about Katherine and he ignores which creates a rift in between.

Elena sees bite marks on Caroline’s body and tells Damon to stay away. She further tells Stefan but he already knows. Damon and Caroline steal a stone from the exhibition and want to kill Caroline after that. But as he sucks her blood, he gets ill because Stefan had spiked Caroline’s drink with bane. He locks Damon in the cellar full of wolfs bane to protect the town. At the mayor house, Mr. and Mrs. Lockwood, Logan and the sheriff discuss the Gilbert watch.

Logan says that he can get it as they will need it as vampires have returned to the Mystic Falls. Caroline has the stone. She and Damon stole and shows it to Bonnie. Bonnie realizes that she can control water and fire. She freaks out and goes to her grandmother for help. At the bar, an old man recognizes Stefan and says it’s impossible that he hasn’t aged a bit. Stefan dodges and tells Elena to go. Next day Elena sees the same man and asks him questions about the 1864 Salvatore brothers and to her astonishment, they are similar.

She asks Logan to let her see the videos of 1864 and she sees Stefan in the video. At Salvatore house, Damon makes Caroline to release him from the cellar and kills his nephew along with a group of druggies in the woods including Vicki. When he is going to burn the dead bodies, he realizes that Vicki isn’t dead yet and then feeds her his blood to make her a vampire. Stefan tells Elena the story of Salvatore brothers and Katherine. Apparently, when Katherine arrived at Salvatore house in 1864 as a guest, both brothers fell in love with her.

She was a vampire. She played both the brothers but they both still loved him. Along with her there were other 27 vampires. Residents of the town got to know about their existence and started planning to kill them. The Gilbert watch was to indicate the direction of the vampires along with other inventions at that time. They captured all the vampires and ordered to burn them. Damon and Stefan got killed saving Katherine but turned into vampires as they had Katherine’s blood in their system.

The witch, friend of Katherine, Emily Bennett, explains to them the lifestyle and hands them the special rings. Damon decided to kill himself as Katherine was no more. Stefan first agreed but when he visited his father and killed him. He returned to Damon and said that he is powerful and tempted him to turn into a vampire by drinking human blood. After that Damon promised him a lifetime of misery.

the vampire diaries season 1 review

At present, Vicki visits Jeremy but cannot control her urge and runs away. Stefan tells Elena that she is transition and goes after her. In the woods he tries to comfort Vicki but Logan shoots him with wooden bullet because he discovers that he is vampire due to the Gilbert watch. As he was to drive a stake through his heart, Damon kills him and saves his brother.

At the Halloween party Vicki tries to kill Jeremy and Elena, due to which Stefan has to kill her. Damon asks Elena if he may take Jeremy’s memory away of the night and he agrees to it. Caroline gives the necklace to Bonnie. Bonnie’s grandmother tells her that the necklace belongs to Emily Bennett.

At Stefan’s birthday his best friend Lexi comes to visit him, who also is a vampire. Damon takes the sheriff in his confidence by providing her wolfs bane. Damon kills a man and puts blame on Lexi. While Lexi tries to get away he kills her. Stefan and Elena watch the whole scene. Stefan vows to kill Damon but Elena stops him. Stefan stabs Damon just below the heart and tells him that it was a payment for saving his life from Logan. Caroline and Matt come closer. Bonnie stars getting haunted by the ghost of Emily.

The new history teacher, Alaric joins school and asks Jeremy to write a paper on history of the town.Due to this Jeremy visits library and meets a new girl Anna. Damon tells Bonnie to give him the necklace back. Stefan after knowing this can’t understand what the motive of Damon is. Damon tells Stefan that Katherine is not dead. Emily used her powers to rescue her and she is captured in a tomb beneath the church. The necklace’s power can bring her back.

Emily possesses Bonnie’s body and destroys the necklace because to save Katherine, she has to save the other 27 vampire which are a threat to the town. Angry Damon bites Bonnie but she is saved by Stefan. Stefan tells Elena that he has to leave the town. Elena tells Bonnie the whole truth. Elena confesses her love to Stefan and he cannot the leave the town. Elena discovers that she looks exactly same as Katherine and assumes that Stefan has used her as a rebound. She thereafter is going to be attacked by a vampire but saved by Damon.

Damon takes her to Georgia where he is attacked by the boyfriend of Lexi. Elena saves him. Stefan explains to Elena that he loves her not because she looks alike Katherine but for being her. He tells her that he first met her when she was in the accident and he was the one who saved her. Stefan also tells her that she is adopted by Gilberts but is related to Katherine by blood somehow.

Alaric’s past includes his memories of his wife Isobel who was a paranormal researcher. She was killed by Damon as seen by him but he never saw her body. His main motive was to get some answers about Isobel’s disappearance. Stefan tells Damon that he is willing to get him Katherine back. At the party Elena is again attacked by some vampire and he reveals that Jonathan Gilbert’s journal has the answers to open the tomb.

Stefan gets to know that the real answers are in his father’s grave. He digs it and finds the original journal and Damon gets to know about their betrayal. He receives the journal. Anna is a vampire who is after the same journal because her mother is in the same tomb. She kidnaps Elena and Bonnie using help of another vampire to persuade Damon to set pearl free too. But they are saved by Stefan.

Bonnie and her grandmother break the spell for some time. Damon gets in but cannot find Katherine in the tomb. They somehow get out of it in time. Bonnie’s grandmother dies after the spell. Isobel who also is Elena’s mother tells her not to find her anymore. Alaric tries to kill Damon but he instead kills him. But due to some special ring he comes back to life. The tomb is not closed properly and all the vampires come out of it. Some of them plan to kill the Salvatore brothers and kidnap Stefan. Damon and Elena with the help of Alaric save him. But to rescue him, Elena makes him drink her blood.

Elena’s uncle John Gilbert returns to the town. Stefan changes slowly and starts drinking human blood.On the founders day anniversary Stefan almost kills a human. Elena injects him with wolfs bane and decides to keep in the bane cellar with the help of Damon. With all the help Stefan is able to control the urge. Isobel contacts Elena to get Jonathan Gilberts invention as requested by Katherine. Bonnie tells Elena that Emily spelled all the inventions of Jonathan Gilbert to work. She tells her the invention against vampires.

Elena asks Bonnie to make the spell break and then handover the device to Isobel. John Gilbert works with Isobel. At founders day their main idea was to kill all the vampires. Bonnie only acted to break the spell but the device is still working. At the dooms day, every vampire along with the male Lockwood’s who are not vampires are affected by the device. Stefan is able to save Damon by Bonnie. Damon feels emotions and kisses Elena who does the same. Later it is revealed that Katherine is back. (Here’s is the end of the complete summary of the “The Vampire Diaries Season 1”.

My Opinion on “The Vampire Diaries Season 1 Review”:

The Vampire Diaries are one of the best vampire tv shows ever created and season one is just a beginning. Well after watching the first season of the vampire diaries, i must say that one thing is for sure guaranteed -DRAMA. The cast and crew has been able to hook the audiences to the screens almost for each of the 22 episodes. I admire this two brothers Stefan and Damon Salvatore. Even though, there are not close and like they’ll have arguments sometimes but they still show concerns from each other especially Damon even he is a bad vampire but he still have good heart saving Stefan from trouble, same happens with Stefan also.

Ian somerhalder has rocked the character of Damon. Snarky, arrogant,selfish vampire who still has a light of humanity. Nina dobrev and Paul Wesley have also played a commendable job. The chemistry between the characters is really refreshing. Plot has been exceptionally built. Another thing I appreciate is how the past is revealed bit by bit in the story. It keeps people engrossed and craving for the next episode.

Twilight compared to this is like a childs story. Twilight is boring with a lot of drama and little action. Absolutely NOTHING like twilight at all. Except that a vampire falls in live with a human. That’s it.

The only boredom factor I found in the season was unnecessary elongation of the dilemma of Jeremy. Both the times his girlfriends are killed and he’s left all miserable. But yes it adds on to the drama. This show is so unique! It has it’s own category!! And it’s not a copy of anything. To wrap it up, I must say that if you are into some supernatural, dramatic and unexpected romance, go for it. Guys, give this show a chance, whether you love or hate vampires. You won’t regret it!

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