Breaking Bad Season 1 Review (2008)

breaking bad season 1

Mini Intro about Breaking Bad Season 1: Breaking Bad is actually an American crime drama TV show created and produced by Vince Gilligan. The first season of Breaking Bad was consist of seven episodes and premiered on January 20, 2008. The whole first season was released on DVD on February 24, 2009 and Blu-ray on March 16, 2010. This show received widespread critical acclaim and has been praised by many critics. It is one of the greatest TV shows of all time. According to the Metacritic ratings per person, the first scored 73 out of 100. There is a lot of things happening here and there in the show. Let’s start the review:

Cast and Role: Breaking Bad Season 1 Review

breaking bad season 1

Main Characters:

Bryan CranstonAs Walter White
Anna GunnAs Skyler White
Aaron PaulAs Jesse Pinkman
Dean NorrisAs Hank Schrader
Betsy BrandtAs Marie Schrader
RJ MitteAs Walter White, Jr.
Bob OdenKirkAs Saul Goodman
Giancarlo EspositoAs Gustavo “Gus” Fring
Jonathan BanksAs Mike Ehramantraut
Laura FraserAs Lydia Rodarte-Quayle
Jesse PlemonsAs Todd Alquist

What do I conclude after watching Breaking Bad Season 1 (2008)?

Here, I’m back with my review of Breaking Bad season 1 and if you have never watched the show, go out of your way to watch this. I see a lot of television shows in my time and this is one another special shows that just sucks you in right away. I kinda like a lost or rescue me, those are couple of my favorites that just you really get involved with the characters. The acting is great.

You have Walter White, Jesse, Skyler, Walter Junior, Hank all the characters just owner roles and when I first started watching this, I am a big fan of knocking in the middle so I kind of thought that it’s going to be a little weird seeing how to play this like drug deal but he immediately makes you forget that he was ever how. He just becomes Walter White. He did a fantastic job with that but it’s a drama show but has some comedy elements here and there, some action stuff and it just has something for everyone think.

breaking bad season 1

It’s just great storytelling. Watching the show, you immediately know that they have some great writers and from everything I’ve heard that continues throughout the series. The breaking bad is so damn good and it’s on Netflix. So if you have that you can watch it but it is addictive. Once you start watching it, you are gonna want to watch like every episode. It’ll be late and I’ll be finishing an episode in just in on a cliffhanger and I gotta watch the next one and It just continues to happen to me.

So anyway, I’m sure everybody knows that the show was about the guy who was chemistry teacher and his life sucks really. He gotta a shitty job at the car wash. He doesn’t get any respect at school. He just turned 50 and then he finds out that he has lung cancer. It’s a pretty crappy life for Walter White and he knows he doesn’t have much time but he sees this like police raided a crystal meth lab and all this money they brought in. He starts to think about it and things just kinda worked out like he’s on a ride along with Hank to boss the meth dealer and he sees a former student Jesse and he follows Jesse and he knows Jesse is a meth dealer so he kinda forms a partnership with him and it all just kinda worked out.

So now he’s cooking meth in order to raise money for his family so that when he dies, they not stuck with all of his death and the hospital bills and everything, they can pay the mortgage while he’s gone so he’s doing this for a noble reasons. The show was so good I just changing Walter’s character and what I mean by that is immediately after cooking meth before anything even happens. Before they can even sell it, Walter forced to kill another human being the Krazy-8 guy. He already has to kill someone before they can even take off with selling the scrap.

What I like about that is it shows Walter, what it’s gonna take to exist in this world. How he’s gonna have to be cold, heartless and just ruthless to be somebody and make money doing. But after he kills the Krazy-8 guy, he sees that he’s kinda shies away from a meth and then a guy he used to work with Elliot, who’s become the slick billion. He offers the payee for Walter’s treatment and at first Walter doesn’t want the treatment. He is willing to just say no to chemo and just die and his families not live with the bills. But once this Elliot guy offers the pay is family really want to look at the treatment, undergo chemo and all that. So it’s like, Okay, I will do it but he doesn’t want to accept Elliot’s money.

breaking bad season 1

He goes to cooking meth with Jesse. Now at this point, he doesn’t need to do this. At first you can say he has a noble reason. His family’s gonna be stuck with all of his death but now it’s really selfish. You can’t just go do something illegal just because you have lung cancer so that’s where the character begins to change in my opinion. As when he chooses to cook meth instead of taking Elliot’s money, at this point he is choosing to do something very illegal.

Another thing about the care do you see in season one is Walter is starting to like it. He is just starting to like this lifestyle may be not the violence or the killing part so much but the thrill, the rush up doing something illegal and like the title of the show, he is breaking bad at the age of 50. So that’s what’s going on here. There is all types of stuff going on the show. I have a feeling that Skyler is gonna cheat on him because he is getting more and more distant. He is kind of always go on the weekends or he has to go somewhere. She doesn’t know where he’s going. So I have a feeling that she’s gonna cheat on him or something like that.

breaking bad season 1

Moving further, the Jesse character are really likable. At first, he is kind of a little annoying but eventually he does become more likable throughout season 1. Couple of things I almost forgot. Skyler is also pregnant so that’s another reason why Walter is cooking meth. It’s so important that he raises the money because his wife is gonna give a birth and he may not be around to see the birth of his daughter because he is also sick.

The only thing I could say that breaking bad season 1 is awesome. Eventually Walter realizes that we are not making enough money. He’s got bills that are piling up and Jesse going out and selling the meth with his buddies is in bringing in enough money so they gotta find a distributor and they find this guy to go who is hardcore gangster guy. He’s got a whole setup where you have to walk past security they even see him. Walter tells Jesse to go and he go and gets robbed.

The gangster guy steals the meth from Jesse and doesn’t pay him and kicks his ass, beats him up so bad that it put him in the hospital. So Walter finds out about this and he decides that he’s gonna go to see and this is right after chemo. He has been undergoing chemotherapy so he’s losing hairs, he shaves his head and he goes up there and the scene was so badass. Basically he tells to go he’s gonna get the meth back or he going to get the money.

Not only he want the money back but he want more money. They just laughing in his face and Walter pulls out this chemical rocks and he throws it and it explodes. So after this, he gave the money to Walter and he says he wants some more from his meth. So they basically come out to a agreement. This was just such an awesome scene in breaking bad season 1.

The last thing in breaking bad season 1 is Jesse and Walter meeting with Tuco at some junkyard and they make a trade. One of Tuco henchman say something smart ass like “don’t forget who you’re working for”. Tuco says you don’t talk to me so he beats the guy. Walter and Jesse are just in disbelief. So that was the end of a season one. I will be back with my review of breaking bad season 2.

My Opinion: Breaking Bad Season 1 Review

Wow!!! Cannot believe it took me so long to start watching this show!!! After many friends, and some complete strangers, suggesting that I should watch! Well, needless to say…i started watching it, now, i can’t take my eyes off of it!!! Great, Great show!!! I thought season 1 was a little slow, but I understand why it is. Like any top quality show, they are firmly establishing characters and relationships, before creating crazy plot twists. It is such a perfect show. It’s the greatest narrative series of all time in my opinion.! This show is amazing and going better, better and better. Breaking bad is one of the best shows on AMC.

The casting, the writing, the direction, everything is superb. Saying that Bryan Cranston is amazing would be an understatement. Bryan Cranston is the man in Breaking Bad. If you thought season 1 was good wait until you see the rest of the seasons, because they are intense. This show is really interesting. I literally just started to watch this show again about a week ago, and I just finished the first season. I have already seen all the seasons so far, but this show was good enough to make me want to watch it again. You guys are in for a treat, this show will take you on quite a ride. I really don’t know how it will sound, but I feel like having sex with this series.

This series reflects the essence of the human being, the duality between good and evil in all of us. This show is one of the only shows I’ve watched that was consistently great throughout the whole series! It keeps you on edge and the acting is always spot on! Best show in the history of television! Never again will there be such a master piece. Incredible show – talented actors & very suspenseful story!

The best is Heisenberg . The best is Pinkman . The best is BREAKING BAD !!!

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