Arrow Season 3 Review (2014-15)

arrow season 3 review

Mini Intro about Arrow season 3 review: Here is my review for an arrow season 3. So recently I had just finished the arrow season 3 and I am going to share my thoughts. The first two season of the arrow was strong and Season 3 will going to be better and better. This season 3 of the arrow is gonna be awesome and better than the previous two seasons. The best thing about the 3rd season is that you saw team arrow growing because you got a Arrow, Arsenal, Felicity, and Diggle. Season 3 begins with hope, happiness, love, friendship and more likable. This is easily one of the best superhero shows I have seen in such a long time and stories basically revolve around about Oliver Queen. Let’s talk about their cast and then review this season 3.

Cast and Role: Arrow Season 3 Review

arrow season 3 review
Stephen AmellAs Oliver Queen
Katie CassidyAs Laurel Lance/Black Canary
Colin DonnellAs Tommy Merlyn
David RamseyAs John Diggle
Willa HollandAs Thea Queen/Speedy
Susanna ThompsonAs Moira Queen, Oliver and Thea’s mother
Paul BlackthorneAs Detective Quentin Lance, Laurel’s father
Emily Bett RickardsAs Felicity Smoak
Colton HaynesAs Roy Harper/Arsenal
Manu BennettAs Slade Wilson/Deathstroke
John BarrowmanAs Malcolm Merlyn/Dark Archer
Grant AustinAs The Flash
Matthew NableAs Ra’s al Ghul
Brandon RouthAs Atom
Caity LotzAs Sara
Cynthia Addai-RobinsonAs Amanda Waller
Amy GumenickAs Cupid

What do I conclude after watching Arrow- Season 3 (2014-15)?

Today, I am going to be talking about Arrow season 3 review. In case, you guys didn’t know, Arrow is a show on the CW. It happens to be my favorite current show that is airing and I’m obsessed with it. I really liked that season 3. Season 1 of the arrow was good but season 2 is really one arrow kinda became cemented as one of my favorite shows. It just had a complete story arc with the characters and the story and I just thought it was amazingly well done, especially some of the last episode of season 2 are still my favorite episode of the arrow. It just so well done, so much action, drama and going into season 3, I really have very high hopes.

I enjoyed the first three episodes of season 3 and then it really went downhill for a while. There was a time when I was excited to watch arrow but it wasn’t that because I really need next week’s episode but due to some reasons, I can’t get it out. I like this season but I didn’t love it. There was some really good points and yet some really bad points that just turned me off from the show overall. Although if you guys haven’t watched arrow yet, I totally recommend it. It is such a great show and overall it’s about this billionaire named Oliver Queen. He is a kinda playboy and five years ago, he get stuck on an island and the show focuses on kinda among the five years he spent on the island and then when he come back as the vigilante. It’s based on the green arrow comics.

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So we started up season 3 of arrow very good. I love to the first episode kinda Oliver and felicity moments. I thought that it was just a very good setup for the season kind of the questions like Oliver’s humanity and can he be human and a arrow at the same time which is I think a really good question and a good promise for the season. I feel Sara was very very good in the season 3. One of my favorite things about Oliver and Felicity is that they have a very solid friendly relationship and I feel like that’s really what help their relationship to be more strong.

In this season, there was just so much angst. It made for some great moments but it also made for some moments where you want to tear your hair out. That was my main problem with the season. It’s just too much of them not being together and kind of without any purpose. So now I am gonna talk about the characters. Oliver as  I said really probably went to the most changing character development this season. I feel like in the first half of the season kinda before the ninth episode when he gets killed is when he’s kinda figured that he can’t be Arrow and Oliver Queen and then he gets killed and I feel like the character development stopped.

He just kept closing himself off. I feel like the middle of the season they just completely lost track of what they were doing. They just focused on the rise and not really Oliver as  a character.  By the end, he kinda redeems himself but I feel it by the end of the season that he was terrible and then he all of sudden was like perfect again. I feel like his character development was little off the season.

arrow season 3 review

Now we are going to talk about my favorite character which is Felicity Smoke. I love her. I felt like her character development in the season 3 was very good and kinda being there for Oliver and kinda establishing how much Oliver means for her because you know from season 2 that she likes him. She doesn’t say “I Love You” until the end of the season. I feel like that’s good because She’s realizing how much she would do for him and even how much she cares about him and I feel like that made for some good moments.

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Another character of the season is definitely John Diggle. He is always the rock and always being there for help. I felt like that the staff with Diggle and his brother was really good and special Deadshot episode was amazing and Diggle and Oliver’s relationship was very strong. I feel like that will be examined more in season 4. I heard that in season 4 were gonna get more backstory on Felicity and Diggle which is great. Another character that I felt like has some development in this season is Laurel Lance.  Actually, I hate Laurel and I don’t like her character development. I just don’t feel like she’s well free. I still don’t like her as the Black Canary. I really liked Sarah a lot more than Laurel Lance.

arrow season 3 review

End of the season I felt like was very good the kind of quite answering the questions: Can Oliver be Oliver Queen and the Arrow and the answer is he can’t be either. So ending the season, I felt like it was the right decision for him. He couldn’t be the arrow anymore, he could not be Oliver Queen anymore so he kind of has to go off and reinvent himself which I felt like was a good decision. Here is the end of arrow season 3 review.

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I feel like there was a lot of good moments in this season. My personal favorite is probably from episode 9 when Oliver told Felicity that “He loved her”. That was the amazing scene of this episode. From episode 12 I believe when Felicity said: “ I don’t wanna be a woman that you love”. I felt like that was my favorite scene in the entire season. But it is weird because it’s not on Oliver and Felicity moment, those are my favorite moment from the season. After watching, I felt that Felicity was the person who wasn’t going to wait for Oliver. She just wanted him, but if he didn’t want her, then she was gonna go on with her life. So that’s my thoughts on arrow season 3 review and I am very excited for season 4 and see what they’re gonna do.

My Short-term Opinion on Arrow Season 3 Review

arrow season 3 review

Okay, let’s get this through. I like the Arrow. Great show! Season 1 was amazing, Season 2 stepped up nearly everything yet didn’t lose the magic. In season 3, I like the Ra’s Al Ghul storyline. It was fine I mean it’s interesting and wanted me to come back for more. Yet Felicity is now, in my opinion, is my favorite in this season. Laurel was annoying at the start of the season yet once she started being sidelined honestly didn’t mind her (sometimes helpful actually). Didn’t get Diggles issues and Oliver Queen back story was a bit less interesting again until the end when Akio dies.

Brandon Routh was pretty amazing this season, he surprised me. He wasn’t annoying and rather likable. I don’t get why people don’t like him. To be honest, I didn’t mind this season yet it could’ve been better. Now I am gonna go watch Season 4 because I like the Arrow. Still one of the best shows on Television. My heart goes to The Flash. It is epic to all proportions. If you guys watch arrow then let me know what you thought about the season in the comments down below. I’d love to chat about the show with you guys. Coming soon with arrow season 4 review.

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