A Complete List of Arjun Sarja Hindi Dubbed Movies

Srinivasa Sarja aka Arjun Sarja is an Indian film actor, producer, director, distributor, and screenwriter who was born on 15 August 1964, Madhugiri, Mysore State (now Madhugiri, Tumkur District, Karnataka), India. He is basically famous for his work in Kannada, Tamil, and Telugu movies. Despite these movies, he also performs in some Hindi and Malayalam movies. He is generally referred to as the “Action King” by his fans and media. Underneath the paragraph, We are sharing the entire rundown of Arjun Sarja Hindi dubbed movies.

arjun sarja hindi dubbed movies
source: city daily.in

Arjun has acted in more than 150 movies as of 2017. Since his 150th movie, he has mostly performed in lead roles. His mother was Lakshmi, an art teacher, and his father Shakthi Prasad, a Kannada film actor. He had one older brother, Kishore Sarja, who directed Kannada movies. He is married to Niveditha Arjun, a former actress who has appeared in the 1986 Kannada movie Ratha Sapthami under the stage name of Asha Rani.

Kannada actor Rajesh is his father-in-law. Arjun has two daughters, Aishwarya and Anjana. Aishwarya Arjun made her acting debut in 2013. His nephews Chiranjeevi Sarja and Dhruva Sarja both act in Kannada movies. Another nephew of Arjun, Bharat Sarja, will also be making his acting debut in 2013.

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One of the interesting facts about Arjun Sarja is that he was inspired by Bruce Lee’s 1973 movie Enter the Dragon, began training Karate at the age of 16, and now holds a black belt. Arjun is one of the South Indian actors to attract a fan following from multiple states of India. He is not only acted in the movies but also directed 11 movies and also produced and distributed a number of movies.

Arjun had always thought and dreamt of becoming a police officer but his future took him in an entirely different direction. Arjun’s father Shaakthii Prasad, a renowned actor in Kannada movies, did not want his son to become an actor and turned down movie offers that Arjun began to receive as a teenager. In a surprise move, film producer Rajendra Singh Babu managed to convince Arjun to begin shooting for a feature movie for his production house without Shakti Prasad’s express permission, and consequently, his father agreed to Arjun’s career choice.

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The movie Simhada Mari Sainya (1981) featured him as a junior artiste and the director of the movie gave him the stage name of Arjun, replacing his original name Ashok Babu. In 1993, he starred in S. Shankar’s blockbuster Gentleman, which opened to positive reviews, while Arjun went on to win the Tamil Nadu State Film Award for Best Actor. During this time, he starred in hit movies such as Jai Hind (1994)Karnaa (1995), and the crime drama movie Kurudhipunal (1995), for which Arjun won acclaim for his role while the movie became India’s official entry for the 68th Academy Awards in the Best Foreign Language Film category.

arjun sarja hindi dubbed movies
source: www.filmibeat.com

He has won many awards and nominations for his movies. In 1993, he has won Tamil Nadu State Film Award for Best Actor for Gentleman. In 1999 he won the Tamil Nadu State Film Award for Best Actor for Mudhalvan. In 2012, he won the  Karnataka State Film Award for Best Actor for Prasad. In 2014, he won the Karnataka State Film Award for Second Best Film for Abhimanyu. In 2013, he won the Vijay Award for Best Villain – Kadal.

Arjun is an ardent devotee of Hanuman. He is building the Hanuman temple on the outskirts of Chennai. A 35-foot statue of Lord Anjaneya was sculpted exclusively for the temple and the statue of the Hanuman is in a sitting posture and weighs around 140 tonnes. The sitting posture of the Hanuman statue is the first of its kind in India. The single-stone statue is 35 feet high and 12 feet wide and 7 feet thick.

Here, Movienasha compiled a complete list of Arjun Sarja Hindi dubbed movies. We will refresh the list from time to time whenever we get more information about Arjun Sarja Hindi dubbed movies. We trust this will tempt you to watch a few. Please leave a comment if you think differently and have something like a top priority which you need me to take note of. Your comments are most welcome. Kindly keep in mind to like our official Facebook page.

Arjun Sarja Hindi Dubbed Movies

Rojavai Killathe Dubbed in Hindi as Jallad

Jai Hind Dubbed in Hindi as Jai Bharat

Sri Anjaneyam Dubbed in Hindi as My Boss Bajarangbali

Arasatchi Dubbed in Hindi as Ghatak The Destroyer

Giri Dubbed in Hindi as Jaggu

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Thiruvannamalai Dubbed in Hindi as Main Hoon Vinashak

Rama Rama Krishna Krishna Dubbed in Hindi as Nafrat Ki Jung

Game Dubbed in Hindi as Killer Kaun

Nibunan Dubbed in Hindi as Intelligent

LIE Dubbed in Hindi as LIE

Mankatha Dubbed in Hindi as The King Maker

If you want to watch Arjun Sarja Hindi dubbed movies, then click on the movie name and Enjoy it:

Arjun Sarja Movie List:

arjun sarja hindi dubbed movies
source: allindiaroundup.com

Movie Name Year
Simhada Mari Sainya 1981
Aasha 1983
Prema Yuddha 1983
Pooja Phala 1984
Prema Jyothi 1984
Male Bantu Male 1984
Pralayantaka 1984
Nandri 1984
Kadamai 1984
Naagam 1985
Maa Pallelo Gopaludu 1985
Ilamai 1985
Sivappu Kili 1985
Vesham 1985
Terror 1985
Bangaru Chilaka 1985
Engal Kural 1985
Yaar? 1985
Avan 1985
Naga Devatha 1986
Na Ninna Preetisuve 1986
Kutra 1986
Prathidwani 1986
Kotigadu 1986
En Sabadham 1986
Kulirkaala Megangal 1986
Vettai 1986
Konaseema Kurradu 1986
Mannemlo Monagadu 1986
Cowboy No. 1 1986
Manavadostunnadu 1987
Nyayaniki Sankellu 1987
Chinnari Devatha 1987
Shankar Guru 1987
Trimurtulu 1987
Thayaramma Thandava Krishna 1987
Kalyana Kacheri 1987
Maonagadu 1987
Garjinchina Ganga 1987
Prathispandhana 1987
Rakshasa Samharam 1987
Thaimel Aanai 1988
Venghai 1988
Thaai Paasam 1988
Doctor Gari Abbai 1988
Chattamtho Chadarangam 1988
Pattikaatu Thambi 1988
Dhayam Onnu 1988
Siripuram Chinnodu 1988
Veguchukka Pagatichukka 1988
Coolie 1988
August 15 Rathri 1988
Sondhakkaran 1989
Vettai Vilai 1989
Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu 1989
Annanukku Jai 1989
Padicha Pulla 1989
En Thangai 1989
Enga Annan Varattum 1989
Premagni 1989
Prathap 1990
Paattali Magan 1990
Manaivi Oru Manickam 1990
Periya Idathu Pillai 1990
Aatha Naan Pass Ayittaen 1990
Thangaikku Oru Thalattu 1990
Thanga Thamaraigal 1991
Enga Ooru Sippai 1991
Mudhal Kural 1992
Sevagan 1992
Annan Ennada Thambi Ennada 1992
Police Lockup 1992
Snehada Kadalalli 1992
Shivanaga 1992
Alimayya 1993
Prathap 1993
Gokulam 1993
Gentleman 1993
Dhuruva Natchathiram 1993
Karpagam Vanthachu 1993
Rojavai Killathe 1993
Jai Hind 1994
Mettupatti Mirasu 1994
Sadhu 1994
Maa Voori Maaraju 1994
Mudhal Udhayam 1995
Karnaa 1995
Kurudhipunal 1995
Ayudha Poojai 1995
Sengottai 1996
Subash 1996
Kurudhipunal 1996
Adimai Sangili 1997
Kondattam 1998
Thaayin Manikodi 1998
Zulm-O-Sitam 1998
Shubhavaarta 1998
Suriya Paarvai 1999
Hello Friend 1999
Mannavaru Chinnavaru 1999
Suyamvaram 1999
Kannodu Kanbathellam 1999
Mudhalvan 1999
Sudhandhiram 2000
Rhythm 2000
Vaanavil 2000
Vedham 2001
Sri Manjunatha 2001
Hanuman Junction 2001
Ezhumalai 2002
Parasuram 2003
Ottran 2003
Puttintiki Ra Chelli 2004
Anbu Sagotharan 2004
Sri Anjaneyam 2004
Arasatchi 2004
Giri 2004
Jaisurya 2004
Chinna 2005
Aanai 2005
Madrasi 2006
Sivakasi 2006
Vathiyar 2006
Manikanda 2007
Marudhamalai 2007
Thavam 2007
Swagatam 2008
Durai 2008
Bommalattam 2008
Thiruvannamalai 2008
Vayuputra 2009
Rama Rama Krishna Krishna 2010
Vandae Maatharam 2010
Vallakottai 2010
Mankatha 2011
This Weekend 2012
Maasi 2012
Prasad 2012
Kadal 2013
Attahasa 2013
Vana Yuddham 2013
Moondru Per Moondru Kaadhal 2013
Jai Hind 2 2014
Abhimanyu 2014
Game 2016
Oru Melliya Kodu 2016
Nibunan 2017
Vismaya 2017
LIE 2017
Prema Baraha 2018
Solli Vidava 2018
Naa Peru Surya, Naa Illu India 2018
Irumbu Thirai 2018
Kontract 2018
Iruvar Oppantham 2018
Kurukshetra 2018
Kolaikaran 2018
Walter 2019
Marakkar:Arabikkadalinte Simham 2019

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