14 The Best Netflix Horror Movies To Watch

the best netflix horror movies
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Here, I am going to mention all the best Netflix horror movies which you should watch with no second questions. Everybody cherishes watching blood and gore flicks. It is an extraordinary enjoyable to be energized and surprised in the meantime. Horror movies incorporate evil person, old mansion, dark enchantment, paranormal exercises and profound forces. The motion pictures are developed to manage the group of onlookers’ night dread and concealed feelings of dread. These movies incorporate the characters like zombies, vampire, devils, dog, creatures, otherworldly spirits, phantoms, insidious spirits, witch and numerous other frightful identities.

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This rundown is completely in light of my assessment, so no offense, please. If it’s not too much trouble leave remark or input on the off chance that you think distinctively and have something at the top of the priority list which you need me to take note. Your remarks are constantly welcome! How about we proceed with the rundown:

The Best Netflix Horror Movies ToWatch

 1. Dark Skies (2013)

the best netflix horror movies
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Envision a spooky house. Presently, reduce ghost, devils, cruel spirits or some other powerful elements, and include E.T’s noxious cousins. This is, generally, the plot of Dark Skies. It might sound criticizes, however it really ended up being an entirely fair horror movie.

If you have yet to see any of the films from Blumhouse (that would be the Paranormal Activities, Sinister, and Insidious), then Dark Skies will work like gangbusters on you in case you’re in the state of mind for a supernatural interpretation of an ordinarily frequented house flick. Dark Skies is a movie that is worth a look, especially if you are alone or with a friend or whatever you’re into. Then turn off all the lights, close the blinds and prepare for your stomach to do bounced the entire time.

Watch the best Netflix  horror movies- Dark Skies

2. The Legend of Hell House (1973)

the best netflix horror movies
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Welcome to Hell House, where death, mystery, and eerie events take back seat to something far more frightening – sex. The movie uses almost every haunted house stereotype possible. Black cats behaving badly, fog, fireplaces acting up, hidden rooms, corpses, strange shadows, and anything else you could expect from the subgenre. Director John Hough did a very good job with interesting camera angles, shots, and pacing. He definitely got the best out of his cast, who were all quite good in their roles and never once hammed it up or phoned a performance in.

Watch the best Netflix  horror movies- The Legend of Hell House

3. Dead End (2003)

the best netflix horror movies
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Something I truly like about this movie is that the characters propose different situations in the matter of what might jump out at them which would adjust to a curious gathering of people.  The quality looks extraordinary with great cinematography, commendable distribution of a tight budget, and a general feeling of smart ideas and intelligent writing and dialogue. In the movie, a family heading out to visit relatives on Christmas Eve get themselves lost while stalked by a strange lady in white and a black hearse.

Watch the best Netflix  horror movies- Dead End

4. Housebound (2014)

the best netflix horror movies
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Housebound is a fucking impact. It’s the sort of movie that I was at that point feeling nostalgic about when it was just mostly over. Housebound teases the line between adult originated comedy, haunted house tropes and murder mystery thriller and manage to maintain the greater part of its types without a moment’s delay. This movie is one of the best Netflix horror movies which you definitely watch.

Plot: Petty criminal and all round trouble maker Kylie (O’Reilly) is sentenced to house captured in her childhood home in which her phantom trusting mother Miriam (Wiata) lives. At the point when Kylie additionally begins to feel like they won’t be separated from everyone else in the house, things begin to get somewhat strange. To know more, you have to watch.

Watch the best Netflix  horror movies- Housebound

5. Hush (2016)

the best netflix horror movies
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The movie concentrates on Maddie (Siegel), a deaf-mute author who lives in the remote countryside. After a visit from her neighbor Sarah, she settles down for the night to deal with a completion of her novel, however, rapidly acknowledges she is not alone. A terrifying masked intruder (Gallagher Jr) shows up outside her home, however, doesn’t enter, rather provoking her.

Once he realizes her incapacity, he removes his mask and a cat and mouse game result as they battle between sight and sound in an effort to confuse each other. Maddie needs to utilize all her other senses, and creative mind, in order to devise an escape plan and survive the night. The movie manages to stand out due to its sole main character being deaf and mute.

Watch the best Netflix  horror movies- Hush

6. The Invitation (2015)

the best netflix horror movies
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The Invitation is a quiet and serious thriller that had us eating up every second of its slow-burn brilliance. Karyn Kusama did an excellent job of making an uneasy, paranoid atmosphere throughout this one, which made us on edge to see whether Will was going to snap, or if there genuinely was a major issue with the dinner party that he and his woman were going to. The most recent 20 minutes without a doubt addressed that question for us with a blast of… well, let’s just say that things got insane. This movie is one of the best Netflix horror movies which you must watch.

Furthermore, that last scene was a genuinely awesome “Holy shit!” kind of a moment. The Invitation is absolutely a dinner evening you don’t need to RSVP for. I always admire a movie that is able to make the best use of what limited resources they have. It’s obviously low-budget but it looks pretty amazing.

Watch the best Netflix  horror movies- The Invitation

7. Trollhunter (2010)

the best netflix horror movies
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This movie is of the found footage variety, and therefore the camera work is purposefully of an amateur quality. The movie works extremely well, introducing the viewer to the various variety of trolls. The special effects are of a high quality for such a small-budgeted movie, and some of the performances (Particularly from Otto as the troll hunter) are very suitable to the story.

The story of Trollhunter is very similar to Blair Witch in the sense that the movie concentrates on a group of students who are making a film. The group track down Hans (Otto Jespersen) who is a lone hunter. After a series of killings (thought to be by bears) in the neighborhood, the group tries to follow Hans as he hunts the bears. Clearly, Hans turns out to be a government employed troll hunter, working secretly, as the government would like to keep the mythic creatures under wraps. To know more, you have to watch the movie on Netflix.

Watch the best Netflix  horror movies- Trollhunter

8. Witching & Bitching (2013)

the best netflix horror movies
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Witching and Bitching is a fun, funny take on Witches, as only Alex de la Iglesia can deliver. Iglesia has a way of making movies that are hard to describe; his flicks are full of Horror and Drama elements, but at their heart, they’re really Dark Comedies. His work is reminiscent of early Peter Jackson flicks like Dead Alive or Bad Taste, but with better production value and polish. Here, Iglesia makes both men and women “bad guys” in their own way, and has them face off in a sort of silly battle of the sexes.

The genuine star of this movie is Carolina Bang. Not only is she sinfully sexy, but also she plays evil and pissed-off really well. The movie just kind of plods along until she first appears on screen, which is to say that she definitely brings a fiendish energy to the story, which makes it instantly better. Yes, folks, we’re stating that she’s electric. Just watch the movie and you’ll agree with us.

Watch the best Netflix  horror movies- Witching and Bitching

9. Creep (2014)

the best netflix horror movies
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The story line is simple enough: man answers a Craigslist add to film a dude, and things winding crazy from that point. To my surprise, Creep is also an exceptionally well-suited title – short and sweet that it is. The movie sports only two actors, from beginning to end, which is splendid. It puts you directly into the isolated mind frame of our hero, Aaron. There’s nobody around to witness or offer assistance.
The movie does a decent job of being naturally unsettling, with most of the creepy bits coming from the fact that you know something bad and horrific is coming, but you don’t know what it is, or when it’s going to happen. If you’re looking for something unsettling, disturbing, unnerving, and with plenty of dark humor then I highly recommend you see Creep.
Watch the best Netflix  horror movies- Creep

 10. Snowtown (2011)

the best netflix horror movies
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This movie is based on the horrific genuine story set in South Australia in the 90s and is about Jamie and his half-brothers who live with their mom Elizabeth. Jamie is being molested by his half brother and a neighbor. They are companions with John Bunting, a person who doesn’t like fat people, druggies or gay individuals, and he doesn’t care if you know it.

Jamie is easily lead and John takes him under his wing. Jamie soon understands that John is not a pleasant guy, he goes over decent when his mother and others are around, but shows his true nature when he’s with Jamie. Slowly but surely Jamie’s friends and family start disappearing, and then Jamie is placed in a circumstance he can’t escape. But is he as innocent as he thinks? To know more, you have to watch the movie.

Snowtown is that type of movie which hits you in the guts, and after that sticks in your mind with a profound, disturbing and absolutely genuine record of one of Australia’s most bizarre murder mystery.

Watch the best Netflix  horror movies- Snowtown

11. Stake Land (2010)

the best netflix horror movies
source: therottingzombie.blogspot.in

In this movie,  a young man named Martin has quite recently lost his whole family in a vampire attack. It’s a good thing that the mysterious drifter known only as “Mister” suddenly shows up and saves Martin from kicking the bucket in an attack too. Mister chooses to ‘adopt’ Martin along with his travels through post-apocalyptic America and teach him all that he knows about killing vampires.

There’s talk of a vampire-free area called “New Eden” and Mister and Martin are going there. Along the way, the encounter a couple of freaks, make a couple of new companions and experience a dangerous religious cult. Will they ever make it to New Eden alive? To know, you have to watch the movie.

Watch the best Netflix  horror movie- Stake Land

12. Kill List (2011)

the best netflix horror movies
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With Kill List, director Ben Wheatley has shaped a completely mesmerizing and creepy crime thriller. The movie follows a contract killer named Jay (Neil Maskell) who is talked into a new job by his friend eight months after bungling up a murder in Kiev. The two meet their shady, wealthy client and are given a ‘kill list’ of their targets. Be that as it may, something isn’t exactly right. As they begin arranging their victims Jay finds himself slipping into violent mood swings, indulging in brutally executing individuals outside the list. A David Lynchian turn arrives as our hero slips into terrifying unpredictable circumstances, leading to an alarming climax.

Watch the best Netflix  horror movie- Kill List

13. The Taking of Deborah Logan (2014)

the best netflix horror movies
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The Taking of Deborah Logan opens with Sarah, the little girl of the elderly Deborah Logan, who welcomes a documentary film team into their home. The team is driven by Mia, who desires to concentrate on Deborah as a sufferer of Alzheimer’s disease, which is the principle subject of their documentary. The team sets up in their family house and begins to film Deborah, who soon starts to show strange behavior that isn’t reasonable by her medical condition.

Adam Robitel, who directed this film as his debut, and even wrote it alongside the Gavin Heffernan, very smoothly combined the idea of a scary natural thing (the illness) and then added a layer of supernatural terror to it. This all came to life on the screen because Jill Larson figured out how to change into Deborah. There is very little time to set up Deborah as a character, however, Larson succeeded in making her alarming by her sheer physical presence, the way she trades looks with other individuals and other similar non-verbal moments.

Watch the best Netflix  horror movie- The Taking of Deborah Logan

14. Haunter (2013)

the best netflix horror movies
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Haunter is the story of a teenage girl Lisa (Abigail Breslin) who is tired of her ordinary life; it seems like every day is just the same thing over and over again… mainly because it is. She and her family are stuck in some sort of time circle, you see, and every 24-hour period starts, unfolds, and then closes in the very same way. To make matters worse, there is a ghost that is haunting her, thus making the whole “repeat cycle” that she’s caught in totally terrifying.

She eventually decides to try to figure a way out of her own personal Groundhog’s Day and begins searching for clues or signs. Clues for what? I don’t know, however, this is one of those sorts of flicks where somebody reveals pieces of information to like, understand a riddle, along these lines, that is the thing that she does. I’m not going to spoil what happens throughout the movie here because there are a few twists and turns that I’d hate to spoil for anyone. Do watch this movie and it will never disappoint you.

Watch the best Netflix  horror movie- Haunter

Do let us know which of these the best Netflix horror movies you have already watched? Are you missing your favorite horror movie? If yes, then do let me know via comments. Don’t forget to share this list with your friends on social media like Facebook Google Plus, Twitter and soon.

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